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 News Archive 2003 
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Monday, December 22, 2003 
Dispelling a rumor - there is no kosher tax or Jewish tax  Boycott watch has corrected many false rumors, and this one is no different.  Click Here for more information
Thursday, December 18, 2003 
Hoax: Target Stores vs. Veterans: Several emails are circulating that falsely claim that Target stores are against veteran programs and is foreign owned. The email is a hoax. Click Here to find out
Sunday, December 7, 2003 
Who wants your car donation? Boycott Watch researches the L'Chaim Society: Have you ever wondered who is really requesting your car donation in the ads on the radio? One organization, the... Click Here to find out
Monday, December 1, 2003 
National Review Online article: Abercrombie and Fitch stops selling porn in reaction to boycott
 Click Here for the NRO article
Saturday, November 22, 2003 
Bottled Water and the French Products Boycott: Is Perrier really French? Many other water brands are owned by the company that onws Perrier, so what are you drinking? Click Here to find out
Thursday, November 20, 2003 
Yahoo Messenger Is Not Shutting Down, Nor Will It Be A Fee Based Service - BW Helps Dispells A Rumor: As published by Yahoo: Recently, a rumor has been circulating that Yahoo! is going to start charging for the use of the Yahoo! Messenger. Messenger has become an essential communication tool for many people, and perhaps that's why this rumor has spread so quickly.

Whatever its origin, there is no truth to this rumor. There are no plans to begin charging a monthly fee for the use of Yahoo! Messenger in the foreseeable future. Yahoo! Messenger is, and will continue to be, a free service.
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 
New virus warning (legit): A new virus is being sent by "" with the subject "Use this patch immediately !" The email contains a virus named after the sender called W32/Dumaru.A@mm. If you get such an email, delete it immediately
Tuesday November 4, 2003 
BOYCOTT WATCH HAD THE SCOOP FIRST! On Monday, November 3rd, Boycott Watch posted the story that CBS will move the Reagan movie to Showtime and not air it on CBS. We had the scoop from a CBS insider and beat the other media to the story - Boycott Watch is the number one news source for boycott news and information. Click Here for our last posting on this story
November 4, 2003 
  Muslim USPS Eid Holiday Stamp Still Controversial Two Years Later Click Here for more information
Updated Monday, November 3, 2003 
  In Defense of Reagan - Grassroots Effort Against CBS Movie Click Here for more information
September 30, 2003 
  NRA Vs. Symantec - You decide Click Here for more information
September 21, 2003 
  If You Want Credibility In Your Boycott Call, Sign Your Name Click Here for more information
September 18, 2003 
  Consumer Alert: A New Email Scam based on the Nigerian Fraud Email Click Here for more information
September 11, 2003 
  'Gas Station Static Alert' email is flawed - Boycott Watch corrects the record. Click Here for more information
September 10, 2003 
  Correcting a false boycott email: Starbucks pullout of Israel was simply and clearly a business decision Click Here for more information
September 7, 2003 - A Pro Radical Islamic Web Site Promotes Hate Beyond its Boycott Call Click Here for more information
September 6, 2003 
  Blatant Bias in News Article confirms Anti-Israel Charges by Boycotters Click Here for more information
September 5, 2003 
  Consumer Alert: eBay, Paypal, Yahoo and other online email Scams Click Here for more information
August 29, 2003 
  San Francisco's Rainbow Grocery Coop Ends its Boycott of Israeli Products Click Here for more information
August 28, 2003 
  Marijuana Advocates Boycott Fast Food Companies Sponsoring Drug Prevention Programs Click Here for more information
August 25, 2003 
  Boycotting Consumers Beware - Know what you are buying Click Here for more information
August 22, 2003 
 Boycott Watch report results in absentee appointment by President Bush. Click Here for more information
August 8, 2003 
 Boycott Watch Investigates Petco Boycott Call by PETA. Click Here for more information
August 4, 2003 
 Middle East Scholar Pipes Gets Smoked By False Accusations. Click Here for more information
August 3, 2003 - Updated 
 Boycotting the French - Part 4 in a series
Who's boycotting what, and what's not really French, or is it? The Boycott Watch list of French boycotts.
August 3, 2003 - Updated 
 Boycott Watch mentioned in a case briefing to the Supreme Court of the United States Click Here for more information
April 16, 2003 
 French Products Boycott Update: USFilter and Culligan: Major US Employer Managed in the US
April 16, 2003
French Products Boycott Update and Correction: Grey Goose Vodka is a US Company
Sunday, April 13, 2003 
 Jewish Groups: Buy Kosher French Wine, But Not Non-Kosher French Wine - Help Counteract Anti-Semitism in France
April 6, 2003 
 Der Spiegel Corrects Report After Boycott Watch Complaint.
April 3, 2003 
 German Newspaper Der Spiegel Gets It Wrong And Flames Hatred For The USA As They Blame The USA For The Same
March 30, 2003 
 French Government Boycotts For Leading The Boycott Against French Products
Mar 18, 2003 
 2002 Persian Gulf Oil Import Report - Part 2 of a series
Where is that gasoline coming from?
Mar 13, 2003 
 Boycotting the French - Part 5 in a series
Boycotting France and US Anti-Boycot Laws. Is it illegal?
Mar 13, 2003 
 Vegetarians Vs. PETA - Follow-up BW Report: Vegetarians Protests PETA's 'Holocaust On Your Plate' By Eating Meat
Mar 6, 2003 
 Boycotting the French - Part 2 in a series
Legislation Introduced in Congress to Boycott France from Post-Saddam Rebuilding Contracts
Mar 6, 2003 
 Boycotting the French - Part 3 in a series
Legislation Introduced in Congress to Block All DoD Participation in Paris Air Show
Mar 5, 2003 
 Vegetarians Protest PETA's 'Holocaust On Your Plate' By Eating Meat
Mar 2, 2003 
 Area Code 809 Phone Call Scam
Feb 26, 2003 
 Hoax: Senator Lieberman did not send the "Open Letter To The French People"
Feb 24, 2003 
 Boycotting the Bell - Hunger strike rolls into Taco Bell HQ
Feb 23, 2003 
 Boycott Watch answers a critic
Feb 21, 2003 
 Boycott of the USPS 'Muslim Eid Holiday' Stamp
Feb 18, 2003 
 The Pepsi Boycott is Over
Feb 17, 2003 
 Boycotting the French - Part 1 in a series
Boycott Watch sends a letter to the French Embassy
Feb 6, 2003 
 Pepsi threatened with a boycott because Pepsi adhered to the O'reilly boycott against Pepsi.
Feb 5, 2003 
 Update: Bill O'Reilly says he didn't boycott Pepsi - As Fox News says: "You Decide"
Jan 25, 2003 
 Op-Ed: The Opposite of Boycott
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Boycott Watch mentioned is a case briefing to the Supreme Court of the United States Click Here for more information
March 18, 2003 18, 2003 - Boycott Watch Executive Director Fred Taub was interviewed on KTVI FOX 2 in St. Louis, regarding Persian Gulf oil boycotts.
March 18, 2003 - Boycott Watch Executive Director Fred Taub was interviewed on WJW FOX 8 in Cleveland, regarding Persian Gulf oil and French products boycotts.
Christian Science Monitor quotes Boycott Watch in an article about boycotting foreign oil Imports.
Dont Mix Messages - Boycott Watch quoted in letter to editor
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