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Is your company being boycotted?
Are your PR people experts in Boycotts?
Do you know how to respond to boycotts?
Can you afford to guess?
    Boycotts can cost your business hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars in lost revenue even before you are aware a boycott exists. Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch is the expert in boycotts, and as a result is regularly seen on television everywhere from Fox News to Al-Jazeerra, on countless radio shows and is quoted in articles, not to mention having his work credited in two cases before the United States Supreme Court.

    Boycott Watch has the experience and know-how to help you avoid getting into potential boycott situations. We prefer to work with companies to educate employees and management about how to prevent problems, but we also help businesses respond to boycotts after the fact.

    At Boycott Watch, we respect our clients and their desires of confidentiality. To get started, contact Fred Taub of Boycott Watch. Boycott Watch is uniquely qualified to give you the tools you and your company need to prevent and best respond to boycotts. We can also customize programs for your company to monitor for potential and real boycotts, allowing you to respond to problems before they grow into boycotts, thus saving your business, and therefore yourself, money.
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