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Jewish Groups: Buy Kosher French Wine, But Not Non-Kosher French Wine - Help Counteract Anti-Semitism in France
April 13, 2003
    For the past several years, Jews in France have been the subjects of a new wave of rampant anti-Semitism, levels not seen in about 50 years, and the French government has done little more than offer lip service. Synagogues in France have been set ablaze and Nazi-like graffiti has almost become the norm. Many Jews in France are reported to be scared to wear Jewish symbols in public out of fear of being attacked.

    A similar desecration of grave yard of World War II British soldiers who fought and died to liberate France was also recently discovered.

    France, however, is not alone in this wave of anti-Semitism. Reports of violence and slurs against Jews throughout Europe have been reported in the media.

    Boycott Watch has received several emails asking those who support the current boycott of French goods to explicitly buy kosher wine from France so the Jewish vintners would not be double boycotted. French kosher wineries have a limited market in France because their products are made by Jews, and the added French products boycott in the US would result in a drastic blow to the kosher wine market that has blossomed in recent years. The fear is that Jewish wine makers may be hurt financially or even be forced to go out of business.

    The primary market of kosher French wines is outside of France, and therefore the added weight of limited export sales would hurt the Jews in France. Nobody would claim that Jews in France had any compassion for Saddam Hussein. The boycott of French products in the US is based upon the French government's obstruction of the US efforts in the United Nations against Saddam Hussein's regime.

    Boycott Watch has not contacted any French wineries for comment to confirm these fears. Boycott watch has, however, spoken to several US wine retailers that sell both kosher and non-kosher wine. The consensus is a significant drop in French wine sales, but overall total wine sales have remained steady. In essence, French wine is no longer flying off of the shelves of US retailers but other wines, including US domestic products, have replaced those sales resulting in a higher demand for the non-French wines and steady overall sales.

    In the mean time, wine shoppers have been asked to buy kosher wine from France, but not non-kosher wine French wine.

    Sample email sent to Boycott Watch:

    Don't Punish French Jews!

    As Passover approaches, please remember not to punish the Jews in France who did not stand up for Saddam Hussein like the French Government has. Passover is the celebration of the redemption of the Jewish people. Extend the redemption of our people to the Jews of France who have been suffering from a new wave of anti-Semitism. At your Passover Seder and all year round, please drink kosher wine from Israel *and* France.

    Do Not Punish the Jews in France who make kosher wine.

    End of Sample email sent to Boycott Watch:

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