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Bottled Water and the French Products Boycott
November 22, 2003
   Boycott Watch received an email claiming that many bottled water products are French owned, and therefore should be part of the French products boycott. While some French products boycott websites list these water products, Boycott Watch researched the claim.

   Note: Boycott Watch is not advocating any boycott, but will investigate product claims regarding this other boycotts.

   We started our research in the most obvious way, by visiting, the web site submitted to us, which redirected us to which clearly names Nestle as the parent to the water company. The obvious question was then is Nestle a French company? That was easily determined by checking their web site, where we discovered that the corporate HQ address is:
Nestlé S.A.
Avenue Nestlé 55
1800 Vevey
   Since Nestle is based in Switzerland, it is therefore not French. Rather Nestle is a Swiss company.

   Boycott Watch gained much notoriety by verifying the claims of all the web sites advocating the French products boycott, and reporting the facts back to the boycotters so they can report accurately. In this research, Boycott Watch established the set of standards and held the boycotters to them making sure that the products boycotted are actually French. The standards included basic information, such as the corporate headquarters location to determine if the company is in fact based in France. Our research was universally accepted by the major web sites advocating the French products boycott because it was a fair standard, and thus we corrected many misconceptions. Boycott Watch once again cleared the air to bring the truth out.

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Question/comment: Good site people, But did you know that Perrier who you have listed also directly owns several other major US water brands?
They are:
Arrowhead Water(West)
Poland Springs(NE)
Ozarka(Texas, SE)
Calistoga(West, National)
Ice Mountain(Midwest)
Breat Bear(Mid West)
Black Mountain(N. Cal)
Aberfoyle(Ten. East Coast)
Deer Park(East)
To back up my Perrier claim see
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