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September 7, 2003 - A Radical Islamic Web Site
Promotes Hate Beyond its Boycott Call
   Summary: is more than an anti-USA web site - it is specifically against and calling for boycotts of US companies with ties to Israel while in favor of Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin-Laden and the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, to name a few enemies of the USA.
   While many web sites promote boycotts, few try to thinly disguise their actual intent. One web site in particular,, promotes the boycott of US products in recognition of the "Victims of US Agression in Iraq" (their spelling, not ours), yet their boycotting target is not the USA itself.

   The British based web site posts a grotesque version of the US flag featuring TV network logos instead of the stars, but the main target of the boycott is actually Israel. All companies listed as boycott targets on that site are explicitly listed and explained on the web site to be companies that either do business with or in Israel, or companies whose corporate leadership personally support Israel, pointing them out the "zionists" with a small 'z.'

   The web site is an Islamic based religious site. Naturally we do not think that all Muslims agree with the ideals in the web site, but it is important to note that Islam is central theme as explained in the 'Why Boycott' section. And yes, we would report religious affiliation of any boycott site if religious belief is the explicit basis for the boycott, as it is in this case.

   The web site also claims that media photographs, such as cover photos of magazines showing Iraqis thanking the US armed forces for liberating Iraq, are all doctored photos. The web site also claims that the US used weapons of mass destructions against the Iraqi and Afghan people, yet the photos are actually stock photos of carrier-based aircraft loading standard armament.

   In essence, the web site is nothing more than a Pro-radical Islam propaganda web site that is using hatred of the USA as a vehicle only to boycott companies that have ties to Israel, while claiming to be a site boycotting US companies in general.

   The thinly disguised motives are clearly visible, in spite of the web author's attempts to mask their hatred. The site is a lesson for boycotters - tell the truth about what you are boycotting because the readers will see through attempted masked veils, and you loose credibility when you try to be sneaky.

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