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 Summary: Boycott Watch received the following comment using the on-line reply form at We decided this anonymous comment needed a public reply only because comments such as these are common:

Name: John
Address: 1212 blabla
City: bla
State: Mississippi
Zip_Code: 95041
phone_no: 2125416472
Found_web_site_via:: google
Question/comment:: Your so-called 'boycott watch' is just
some advertising against Israeli products boycott (which I
find legitimate) and propaganda for arabic products boycott. 
One question : who finances your despisable work  ? Some
American pro-Israeli lobby ?

Boycott Watch reply:
   First, I see you are scared to use your real name and email address. Unlike you, we are not afraid to say who we are or sign our names. Therefore you really don't deserve a response, but here it is anyways.
   You are obviously biased against Israel since you, as you stated, support a boycott against Israeli products. We, on the other hand, are neutral, and that is something that bothers you.
   If you read our FAQ, which you obviously did not, you would see the answer to the question of why we report on so many Israel related boycotts - it is because there are just so many of them by people like you who hate Israel. If you read our site, you would have also noticed we reported on the USPS Eid stamp and Persian Gulf oil boycotts. We did not take sides in either boycott - we reported the story.
   Additionally, the Persian Gulf oil boycott is not related to Jews or Israel, but rather American sentiment after the September 11th terrorist attacks on the US. We do not know who is behind the Eid stamp boycott, but there is also no evidence the boycott was started by Jews, Israelis, or Israel - even if it was, it would not effect our reporting.
   Unlike you, we are not biased. Our funding comes from a wide variety of sources of all walks of life. We have taken no money from any lobby group and we will also not change our reporting because of any funding source or emails from people like you.
   People refer to Boycott Watch because they want to read both sides of the story and decide for themselves what the truth is. If this bothers you or if you are afraid of truth, then I suggest putting your blinders back on and just read sites that are pure opinion.
Fred Taub
Executive Director,
Boycott Watch

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