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September 6, 2003
Blatant Bias in News Article confirms Anti-Israel Charges by Boycotters
   Summary: Boycott Watch has received numerous reports of anti-Israel media bias, and although we have not been watching the newspapers in question, one national report did show blatant bias.
   Boycott Watch has reported boycotts of various newspapers and NPR by some Jewish groups because of an anti-Israel bias. While Boycott Watch does not enter into political arguments, we could not help but notice a blatant bias in an article by the Cox News Service, which boasts to be "one of the nation's largest newspaper publishing enterprises," producing 17 daily and 25 weekly newspapers." Cox News Service also claims to "file upwards of 500 stories every week directly to the 650 worldwide."

   Being a large news publisher also carries responsibility higher than that of small papers since it has such far reaching impact. All news services must be fair in their reporting, and although some reports may lean in one direction or another, it is the responsibility of the writers, editors and management to make sure stories are accurate. Cox, with its vast resources, is expected to accurate and fair all the time.

   That responsibility, however, did not stop Cox News Service from blaming the court that punished a criminal for the crime itself. Sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie? Maybe, but that is what Cox News Service and reporters Margaret Coker and Craig Nelson did in one of it's recent reports titled "Killing of Hamas Leader Ends Cease-Fire."

   On August 20, 2003, a terrorist attack by Hamas and Islamic Jihad resulted in the murder of 25 civilians on a bus in Jerusalem. Israel enacted revenge a day later by killing a leader of Hamas and his two body guards. Hamas then accused Israel of breaking the 8 week cease fire even though it was Hamas that carried out one of the worst terrorist attacks Israel has ever seen just one day earlier, which resulted in Israel's response.

   Cox News Service reported that Israel's actions were the cause of the end of the cease-fire. That report was totally disingenuous. Just as you can not blame a broken arm one got in a car accident as the cause of the car accident, you can not blame Israel's response to the Hamas terrorist attack as breaking the cease fire.

   This report does not claim all reports are biased one way or the other, but the Cox News Service report blaming Israel for breaking a cease fire arrangement demonstrates clear bias.

   Boycott Watch contacted CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, and enquired about other national papers reporting on the event. According to CAMERA, there were 3 other syndicated column headlines, all of which had similar titles.

   CAMERA can be visited at their web site,

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