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February 8, 2004
Hoax: Senator Lieberman did not send the
"Open Letter To The French People"
 Summary: An email has been circulating titled "Open Letter To The French People From Sen. Joe Lieberman." Senator Lieberman's official web site is calling it a hoax. Considering the wording of the letter, Boycott Watch agrees that this is a hoax, since the wording is not consistent with the writing style of Senator Lieberman.
   The following is the official statement from Senator Lieberman:
   Internet Hoax Warning: Over the last several months a letter attacking the people of France for being indifferent to anti-Semitism has been circulating over the Internet with Senator Joe Lieberman's name attached to it. This letter is a hoax. Senator Lieberman was not involved in any way with the writing or distributing of it. At this point the specific origins of the letter are unknown. But Senator Lieberman's office has referred the letter to legal authorities, who are looking into the matter. (as posted on
Hoax Email:


Liberty, equality, fraternity! Does the French nation recall that slogan?

The current French tolerance of and indifference to the wave of attacks upon French Jews speaks clearly of the decline of the French national character.

The French have forgotten! Two hundred and some odd years ago the suffering French populace erupted in revolution against tyranny. They cried for and fought for liberty, fraternity, equality for all in every aspect of French society.

The French have forgotten! But I remember! I still have in my mind the heartbreaking image of the Parisian gentleman from whose eyes the tears fell copiously as he watched the Nazi troops marching triumphantly into Paris. -The face of that Frenchman still lives in my mind sixty years later. It is the same as the faces of so many French Jews today.

The French have forgotten! But I remember! I remember the ecstasy, the flowers, the kisses with which the French people greeted their American and British liberators from Nazi terror.

The French have forgotten! - They have forgotten the dehumanizing result of terror upon them- selves. - They have forgotten the shame of Vichy France. - Those who watch with indifference the attacks upon their neighbors sink into degeneracy themselves.

The French have forgotten brotherhood and love of others than themselves. - They have forgotten equal justice. - They have forgotten that a nation without strength of morality and character is a nation already in the lower depths of degradation.

So, just as the Swiss were part of the Nazi problem sixty years ago, the French are part of the problem of world terrorism today. - As the French casually watch their Jewish citizens attacked let them remember how they, the French, acquiesced in cowardice at the rape of Czechoslovakia by the Nazis in 1938, only to suffer under the Nazi heel so soon after.

My contempt for present day France is accompanied by great regret. We gave the lives of American boys to save them once. - They have forgotten. However, we Americans have not forgotten. - All Americans with integrity of character must boycott France. I hope large numbers of you will join me in this.

If this e-mail is forwarded by just 1/2 of all recipients it could reach 10,000,000 Americans in a matter of days. Let's make the French remember!
End of Hoax Letter

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