Boycott Watch
February 17, 2003
Boycott Watch sends a letter to the French Embassy
 Summary: There have been many calls for boycotts of French products recently. As part of our investigraion, Boycott Watch has sent the following letter to the Embassy of France. We will post the reply as soon as we recieve it.
February 17, 2003
Embassy of France

Attaché Fiscal
Christiane Maréchal
   Two boycotts of French products have recently been brought to our attention and we are requesting your comments.
   The first type boycott is based upon France not participating in or helping the US in its fight against terrorism and actions against Iraq. The second type boycott is based upon anti-Semitism in France to stop discrimination.
   The boycotters in each group have called for a total stop of purchases of any and all products from France.
   Boycott Watch looks at boycotts and asks both sides their story. We then post the results on our web site,, so consumers can decide for themselves what the truth is.
    Your response is requested and should be emailed to Boycott Watch, with a hardcopy mailed to:
Boycott Watch
Attn: Fred Taub, Executive Director
13938A Cedar Rd. Suite 253
Cleveland, Ohio 44118
 End of Letter
   End Of Original email:


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