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Updated Monday, November 3, 2003
In Defense of Reagan - Grassroots Effort Against CBS Movie
Update November 3, 2003: CBS gives into pressure and is making changes to the movie - moves it to the Showtime network.
CBS: "Some edits are being made."
   The CBS planned mini-series about President and Mrs. Reagan has generated much controversy over its content. Michael Reagan, son of President and Mrs. Reagan and the family spokesman, has called many of the comments in the movie attributed to both his parents as total fabrications. In an effort to pressure CBS not to create similar 'smear' campaigns in the future, Mike Paranzino, a self described stay-at-home dad who "dabbles in political and policy consulting," started a boycott of CBS.

   Through his website,, Paranzino is encouraging people to sign up for his mailing list and have people watch other channels during the airing of the Reagan movie. Paranzino plans to build a list of advertisers of the movie and email the list to his subscribers so they can boycott the advertising companies for 30 days.

   On Wednesday, October 29, 2003, Mike Paranzino appeared on Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends show, but a few hours later his web site was mysteriously unreachable, but it did reappear two days later hosted by a different Internet Service Provider. We suspects that the original ISP was not expecting all the traffic the site received and then shut the web site down, forcing Paranzino to get a new ISP.

More to follow.

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