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USFilter and Culligan: Major US Employer Managed in the US
April 16, 2003
   Summary: In our French Products Boycott verification list, USFilter and Culligan were listed as French companies because their parent company is based in France. Boycott Watch has received the following letter which details the company's US management and employee base. You may want to read the entire letter before you decide if you think you should boycott this company if you are taking part in the French products boycott.
   Start of Letter:
    I'm going to try my best to convince you to remove USFilter and Culligan from your list of French companies to ban. Here goes...

   USFilter is a North American business, based in California, managed by an American management team, and with a business presence in 46 states and many of the provinces of Canada. USFilter owns Culligan, which is headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. Our 14,000 employees are located at approximately 800 offices, plants, and factories across the country. They and their families are your neighbors and are active members of their home communities. They support local civic and charitable organizations, volunteer in schools and churches, serve in government. Many are veterans. USFilter and Culligan both employ thousands of hard-working, tax-paying Americans, some which have been with the company for decades.

   USFilter is the clear leader in the American water market. We have supplied water and wastewater equipment, technology, and services to thousands of North American customers, and manage billions of gallons of water a day. Chances are the water you use on a regular basis-from the coffee you brew to the water you bathe in, wash your car with, or fish or canoe on weekends--is connected in some way with USFilter.

   USFilter's business activity has a significant financial impact in North America.
* USFilter's annual North American payroll is $636 million. Fringe benefits add another $191 million. Total is $822 million, or $2.25 million a day.
* USFilter purchases $1.3 billion of goods and services in the United States and Canada every year, or more than $3.5 million a day.
* USFilter distributes products and services via some 275 independent manufacturers representatives and distributors, and 900 independent and company-owned dealers throughout the United States - a total of more than 1,100 North American small businesses who rely heavily on their business partnership with USFilter.

   I could go on, but I think the point I'm trying to make is pretty clear: by boycotting USFilter and Culligan, you're hurting some of the very people you're trying to help with this web site - Americans.

Thank you.

Allison Zuccaro
USFilter, Public Relations
Schaumburg, Illinois
   End of Letter:

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