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Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons threatens a boycott against
Pepsi if they don't run the Ludacris ad that O'reilly boycotted.

Pepsi is stuck in the middle.
Update: February 18, 2003
   The Pepsi Boycott is over. According to a Pepsico spokesman, Pepsi is setting up a 6-person steering committee comprised of 2 people from the Hip-Hop Action Network, 1 person from the Ludacris Foundation, and 3 people from Pepsico. Pepsi will administer the $1Million fund dedicated helping children. The money will be disbursed to several charities in multiple cities, and several organizations in each city upon unanimous consent of all members of the committee.
February 6, 2003
Background:August 27, 2002 - Fox News Channel commentator and host of The O'Reilly Factor Bill O'reilly urged people to boycott Pepsi after Pepsi decided to run a commercial featuring rapper Ludacris. The boycott is based on Pepsi hiring a spokesman who is "peddling antisocial behavior" according to O'Reilly.

Pepsi pulled the ads with 24 hours.Click Here for the original report.
Pepsi in the middle:
    Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons threatens a boycott against Pepsi if they don't run an ad featuring rapper Ludacris that Pepsi pulled after Fox News Channel's Bill O'reilly issued a boycott because Pepsi intended to run it. The ad came under fire last August by O'reilly because he feels Ludacris is a bad role model who uses foul language and degrades women in his music and videos.

    According to O'Reilly, Pepsi was inundated with thousands of phone calls from irate 'Factor' viewers regarding the Ludacris ad. As a result, Pepsi announced they would pull the ad less than 24 hours after O'Reilly announced his boycott.

    Yesterday, O'Reilly denied he called for a boycott. Boycott Watch wrote O'Reilly as follows: "Even if you did not use the word 'boycott,' by declaring your intention 'not to do business with' and encouraging your viewers to do the same, you declared a boycott by definition. Your boycott worked. Pepsi changed their policy within 24 hours."

    The showdown begins.

    Simmons and the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network said the Pepsi boycott would start next week unless Pepsi airs the ad featuring Ludacris that was pulled last August. Simmons complaints resulted from Pepsi airing an ad featuring Rock star and self proclaimed 'Prince of Darkness' Ozzy Osbourne during the Super Bowl. Osbourne and his family are the stars of MTV's true-life drama 'The Osbornes,' which would make Ozzie and Harriet Nelson cringe, even without all the bleeped out foul language. The ad, which also featured Donnie and Marie Osmond, aired during the recent Super Bowl, just a few months after Pepsi backed out of airing the Ludacris ad.

   Simmons accused Pepsi of applying a double standard. "They are being hypocritical in this case," Simmons said.

    Boycott Watch will follow this story as it progresses.

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