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August 28, 2003
Marijuana advocates Boycott Fast Food Companies Sponsoring Drug Prevention Programs
   Summary: An advocate of the usage of marijuana for medical purposes is boycotting companies that have taken a stance against drug usage in general. We believe that the email we received was grammatically incoherent, thus making the case against the boycotter. BW is posting the original email so you can decide for yourself.
   Boycott Watch received an email that was totally serious, but still made us laugh, and no matter how hard we tried to take it seriously, we just couldn’t. At the same time we just couldn’t pass up writing about it either.

   Because of the nature, content, admitted use and hiding of an illegal substance from law enforcement officials as mentioned on the boycotters website, Boycott Watch decided not to list the name of the site or its web address since such actions may be viewed as advocating illegal drug usage. We left the name of the group in the email in case you really needed a good laugh and wanted to find the site on your own.

   Start Of Original email:
Name: (removed)
Address: (removed)
City: Oakland Park
State: Florida
Zip_Code: 33309
phone_no: (removed)
Found_web_site_via: surfing

Question/comment: Boycott All KFC Stores, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, A&W and Long John Silvers are owned by Yum! Brands, The Florida Chapter of the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis is hereby calling for a World Wide Boycott of ALL KFC/ Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, A&W and Long John Silvers are owned by Yum! Brands, On TV in Detroit a few days ago a commercial from "The Partnership for a Drug Free America", which has been Public Enemy #1 Of Medical Marijuana for a Long time now? You know the girl with a frying pan, this is Your Brain on drugs bit, & then after it showed who is now funding this crap these days. Kentucky Fried Chicken!
Can PFADFA & KFC show even just a little Compassion & Mercy for the terminally or Chronically ILL Aids & Cancer Patients? & That Answer Is A Big NO They Will Not! Now these are the same wing nuts that said that if you buy pot that you are a Terrorist! These TV Ad's Are a Slap In The Face To Every Dying Aids & Cancer Patient Worldwide! Hit KFC, Taco Bell & Pizza Hut, Long John Silver Where It Hurts the Most! Their Bottom Line! Just as we will do to ANY company that supports these Wing nuts!

The Partnership for a Drug Free America
No Compassion? No Mercy? For Dieing Aids & Cancer Patients =No Profits for Any Corporate Supporters!
Florida AAMC Offic (removed) 10am to 10pm est.
or Email (removed)
AAMC Website (removed) Medical Marijuana
Worldwide Boycott List (removed)

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