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      Boycott Watch is the leading authority on boycotts, including consumer, political and union boycotts. Boycott Watch President Fred Taub consults with businesses about boycott prevention and response after the fact. Boycott Watch also reports about boycotts, sometimes breaking myths, but always posting both sides of the story so consumers can make up their own mind about what the facts are.

    As consultants: Boycott Watch works with business to prevent boycotts, which is important to businesses because a boycott can cost a company hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars, sometimes before a company may realize what a boycott exists or is even problematic for them. Our primary consulting goal is to advise businesses about boycott prevention, but if a boycott happens, we can then advise a company how, using our extensive and specialized experience, to best eliminate the boycott and its affects.

    Reporting about boycotts: Boycott Watch reports about boycotts to give consumers both sides of the story so they can decide for themselves what the truth is. In these cases, we verify if the underlying claim in factual, and in many cases we debunk such boycotts. For example, if a boycott is called because 1+1=2, we will verify the math. If, however, a boycott is called based upon 1+1=3, we will debunk such actions. Naturally that is a simplification, but it does illustrate the essence of out reports.

    Consumer advocacy: In some cases Boycott Watch will post comments when we see stupid actions that do nothing but upset consumers.

    Advertising on our site: Let's face it. We have to pay the bills somehow, and we do it with ads. We hope you will click on the ads and purchase goods and services from our sponsors.

    Our ads are from an agency, and although we do select the products that are advertised on this site, we do not control when the ads pop up. We try to make sure, to the best of our ability, that we do not have any direct goods and services ads on a page that discusses a boycott of those goods or services, but sometimes we may make a mistake.

    From time to time, you may see an ad offering secondary and goods and services from a company discussed on a particular page. This is totally beyond our control, as we do not monitor every advertiser's offerings.
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