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Dec, 2002 
 Where did that oil come from?  Part 1 in a series  Since the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on September 11, 2001 there have been many calls for the boycotting of oil from Arab countries and particularly the Persian Gulf --- Click here for the part 1 of this story
Dec 16, 2002 
 Maytag boycotted after the loss of 1600 jobs at Galesburg, Illinois.
Dec 13, 2002 
 Cleveland Radio Station Airs Ad Calling Jews 'Pigs'
Dec 13, 2002 
 San Francisco Grocer Boycotts Israeli Goods - S.F. Jewish Community Responds In Kind
Dec, 2002 
 Abercrombie & Fitch double Boycotted for target marketing thongs to children and then T-shirts depicting stereotypes of Asians - yet profits rise
Dec, 2002 
 Florida Atlantic University Arab Students letter Threatens Jews
Dec 12, 2002 Blamed for something they did not do
Dec 10, 2002 
 No Boycott Was Called Regarding French Novel That Calls For Homicide Bombers To Murder Jews.
Dec 5, 2002 
 Holland and Kosher Meat - False Boycott
Oct, 2002 
 Berkeley, California boycotted for being unpatriotic
Oct 22, 2002 
 Marriott and the letter - False Boycott
 Shakira did not make an anti-Jewish statement on MTV - False Boycott
 Fujifilm and the map - False Boycott
 Oliver North and Osama Bin Laden: Correcting the record
Nov 13, 2002 
 Thousands of animal lovers are boycotting PETCO, a large chain of pet stores after claims of animal cruelty.
Nov 11, 2002 
 Boycott Watch Research Reveals Illegal Boycott Against Israel
Nov 4, 2002 
  Commerce Official Urges Compliance with U.S. Regulations Opposing Boycott of Israel
Baseball season, 2002 
 Even After The Baseball Strike That Never Was, Fans Are Still Calling For A Baseball Boycott.
Aug 28, 2002 
  Pepsi Cancels Adds With Rapper Ludacris Less Than 24 Hours After FNC's Bill O'Reilly Launches A Boycott
Aug, 2002 
 Does the Philadelphia Inquirer have biased reporting?
Aug 6, 2002 
  Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation Settles Antiboycott Case
Aug 5, 2002 
  MSNBC and it's advertisers Targeted after after the cancelation of 'Alan Keyes is Making Sense' television show.
July 19, 2002  
 Arab Boycott of American products drove Pepsi volume down 9 percent in Middle East, PepsiCo's chief financial officer said during an analyst call.
Thursday, July 18, 2002  
 Israel and the United States have declared a personal boycott against Arafat Israel and the United States have declared a personal boycott against Arafat, charging that his regime is tainted with terrorism and corruption
June, 2002 
 AOL Time Warner & CNN
May, 2002 
 Are Caribou Coffee profits used to support terrorism?
May 14, 2002 
  Commerce Official Urges Compliance with Regulations Opposing Boycott of Israel
Feb 20, 2002 
 KOCH Petroleum Group and Subsidiary Settle Antiboycott Allegations
July 11, 2001 Tommy Hilfiger and Oprah Winfrey - False Boycott
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March 18, 2003 18, 2003 - Boycott Watch Executive Director Fred Taub was interviewed on KTVI FOX 2 in St. Louis, regarding Persian Gulf oil boycotts.
March 18, 2003 - Boycott Watch Executive Director Fred Taub was interviewed on WJW FOX 8 in Cleveland, regarding Persian Gulf oil and French products boycotts.
Christian Science Monitor quotes Boycott Watch in an article about boycotting foreign oil Imports.
Dont Mix Messages - Boycott Watch quoted in letter to editor
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