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Berkeley, California
 Summary: Boycott calls have been issued against the city of Berkeley,
California for being unpatriotic and blaming the US Government for the 9-11 attacks.
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   Days after Arab terrorists launched their murderous attacks against the United States, slaughtering thousands of innocent Americans, the City of Berkeley, California responded by adopting a series of resolutions that condemned the United States, supported the agenda of the terrorists and called for the United States to appease Arab terrorists everywhere.
    When word spread about these resolutions and Americans across the nation voiced their outrage at Berkeley, the Berkeley City Council claimed that the resolutions were misunderstood. At that point, the movement to boycott Berkeley began and the City was (justifiably) terrified of the consequences. But rather than rescind the resolutions, as the City's rules provide, the Berkeley City Council spit in the face of America by taking a series of actions that were clearly intended to show America that Berkeley stood by Arab terrorists and other extremists who aim to kill Americans and destroy the United States. Specifically, since the Arab terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Berkeley has done the following:
  • Instituted a referral program, using taxpayer funds and City property, to support a radical anti-American "objector" organization. This organization's goals are to advocate revolution inside the United States and promote anti-military activities;
  • Banned American flags from fire trucks to ensure that the left wing constituency of Berkeley would not be offended;
  • Petitioned the United States government (both directly and through the treasonous Representative for Berkeley, the vile Barbara Lee) to protest actions taken to defend against and prevent further terrorist attacks, showing more concern for Arab terrorists than American citizens;
  • Supported a number of pro-Palestinian terrorist groups (both on the UC Berkeley campus and in Berkeley) that provided the necessary encouragement for these groups to physically and verbally attack local Jews and Jewish institutions. In the wake of the attacks, Berkeley has REFUSED to investigate the attacks or do anything to punish the thugs; in fact, the Berkeley City Council has proposed resolutions that would SUPPORT the attacks on Jews!; and
  • Worked with Palestinian Arab terrorist cells located at the UC Berkeley campus to attack Israel through propaganda and misinformation dissemination and a boycott of America's only ally against terror, Israel.
    It is no coincidence that many of the treasonous steps taken by Berkeley have a connection to Arab terror. Though Berkeley claims to be progressive, it has aligned itself with some of the most repressive, fundamentalist hate-mongers on the planet. Berkeley, and the UC Berkeley campus in particular, provides more support for Palestinian Arab terror than any other area of the United States.
    While it may seem to be incongruous for "peace loving" Berkeley to be in bed with Arab terror groups, the pairing makes perfect sense if one ignores self-imposed labels. Berkeley, the home of left wing politics, despises everything that is America. The left wing is a cesspool of hate (so long as the hate is directed at America and "non-oppressed minorities") and anti-American activities. Arab terrorists seek the destruction all cultures that are not Islamic and still hope to obtain revenge for the Crusades (as ridiculous as it may sound, it is a fact). Even from this cursory explanation, Berkeley's rationale in supporting Arab terror becomes horrifically clear.
    Of course, the Palestinian terrorists and their shills in Berkeley would never admit that their agenda includes the destruction of America. Some of them made perfunctory statements of condemnation regarding the 9/11 Arab terror attacks on the United States, but inevitably those condemnations were thinly veiled messages of support for the Islamic terror movement. Saying "we mourn the dead in NY and D.C. but we must understand what causes people to take these actions" is nothing more than justification of terrorism. The media insisted that Arabs and Muslims were not our enemies and we shouldn't blame an entire people for the actions of a few. The problem with this logic is that Arab terror attacks did not begin with the 9/11/01 attacks on New York and Washington D.C.; Arab terrorists have been slaughtering people around the world for decades. Only when the Arab terrorists attacked America with devastating effect did the Arab communities in the U.S. back off of their unmitigated support of terrorism, and then only for a few days. For decades before 9/11/01, however, Arab (especially Palestinian) terrorists had been using the same tactics to slaughter Jews around the world. The Arab community in the U.S. and their Berkeley co-conspirators not only didn't denounce terrorism then, they supported it and justified it as legitimate. And now, they are justifying terrorism more than ever before. Thus, even those Arabs who don't actually engage in terror are culpable for the 9/11/01 terror attacks as a result.
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----- Boycott Watch research: ------
   Boycott Watch has begun a preliminary investigation into this matter, and so far has found the following:

Berkeley, CA website:

   Berkely CA passed resolutions in City Council by a narrow margin giving support to the US. One resultion, however, brings up questions. The resolution states:

   "Urge our representatives to devote our government’s best efforts in collaboration with governments throughout the world, to addressing and overcoming those conditions such as poverty, malnutrition, disease, oppression, and subjugation that tend to drive some people to acts of terrorism (Passed 5 of 9 with Maio, Breland, Shirek, Spring, and Worthington voting Yes and Dean, Armstrong, Hawley, Olds abstaining)"
   The statement that is questionable is: "...poverty, malnutrition, disease, oppression, and subjugation that tend to drive some people to acts of terrorism." This tends to, in light of other Berkeley City Council resolutions that blame the US for "poverty, malnutrition, disease, oppression, and subjugation", therefore blame the US as the cause of terrorism. While this may be a fine point, it is important.
   Additionally, the cause of terrorism is not poor conditions. If that statement were true, then society as we know it would never have existed. Not having the best car or way of life is not a reason to murder those who have a nicer car than you do.
   On September 11, 2001, we learned first hand that terrorists are not driven because they are poor, as suggested by Berkeley City Council. The hijackers all lived well. They murdered Americans going about their daily business because the hijackers religious ideology drove them to murder the innocent.
   There is never and has never been an excuse for Indiscriminant murder. Terrorism is defined as violence by combatants against non-combatants for the express purpose of invoking fear and to enact political change.
   Berkeley City Council imposed an ideal and equated oppression as a drive to murder, and then barely stopped short of validating murder as a valid political tool. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. taught the world that political struggle for equality should be and must be peaceful. Berkeley City Councils equivocation is an affront to The Dream and society as a whole.
   Berkeley City Council represents the community it serves and is responsible for the local business climate, among other responsibilities. Boycott Watch finds the underlying reasoning for the boycott call to be valid.
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