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Another False Boycott
 Summary: The Jerusalem Post's web site displayed a modified ad, The ad was presumably modified by someone at the Jerusalem Post. Some people became upset at prompting a boycott call against for taking sides in Israeli politics., however, did not authorize the ad modification. The boycott call is therefore unwarranted. Additionally, the ad problem has since been resolved.
Boycott Watch therefore is calling this a false boycott.
----- Background ------
   Ads that appear on web sites are often part of affiliate programs that return commissions to the ad hosts if you click on the ad and then buy something. Affiliate programs are a nice and easy way to obtain income from your web site. Boycott Watch displays affiliate ads on our web site as well, as this is how we cover our expenses.
   By joining an affiliate program, one agrees to the terms of the program agreement. The guidelines generally include provisions that require the advertiser to use the ads as presented as is without modification.
----- Conclusion ------
   The Jerusalem Post modified an affiliate program ad and posted it on their web site in violation of the program rules. requested the Jerusalem Post to remove the modified ad, but that did not happen. As a result, closed the account per the program rules.
   Boycott Watch emailed the Jerusalem Post regarding this but did not receive a reply.
   Boycott Watch spoke to an representative. We were told that the Jerusalem Post did in fact modify an ad without permission and posted it on their website, We did not, however, see the ad ourselves. has had other problems within their affiliate program, but this is not a surprise considering the program has more than 800,000 members. declined to mention any statistics or number of problems.
-----'s Comments: ------
   Thanks for writing to the Associates Program.
   The web site,, was just one of over 800,000 members of the Associates Program. Associates post links to on their sites in exchange for a small percentage of the sales that result when their visitors follow these special links to place an order with us. does not endorse the point of view of any of our Associates. Nor would we consider ourselves their sponsors. Our Associates include web sites representing all sides of nearly every important political and social issue.
   However, we did find that the Jerusalem Post was describing our relationship in a way that could cause confusion. As a result, we requested that they update their messaging to more accurately reflect the nature of their membership in the Associates Program. Unfortunately, they have chosen not to comply with these terms and we had no choice but to close down their account.
   Thanks again for contacting us regarding this site. We appreciate your interest in
----- End Of's Comments: ------
----- Boycott Watch Closing Comments: ------
   Boycott Watch believes this was blown out of proportion. This problem was resolved between the two parties in a short time period. The boycott call was reactionary since the position was well known to the boycotters and the reply was rational, yet the boycott call was aimed at for some undeterminable reason.
   Boycott Watch therefore is calling this a false boycott.
(below is an example of an affiliate program ad. As stated above, we display affiliate ads too)

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