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Decemner 13, 2002
Cleveland Radio Station WTAM Airs Ad Calling Jews 'Pigs'
Boycott Watch Breaks This Story as an Exclusive
   Summary: The following letter was sent to WTAM 1100 AM Cleveland Program Director Ray Davis:
Start of Letter
December 13, 2002
Mr. Ray Davis
Program Director,
6200 Oak Tree Blvd, 4th Floor
Independence, OH 44131-2510
   I want to thank WTAM for their wonderful work recently when anti-Semitic murals were posted on a building on East 55th street near Chester Ave. I must, however, bring to your attention a hateful ad that now appears on your radio station from Calvary Chapel that refers to Jews as "pigs."
   The specific radio ad is part of a series in which one ad refers to Jesus fighting religious people and then called the religious people "pigs". This is undoubtedly a reference and slander to Jews since Jews were the religious people in ancient Israel. As you know, allowing any group of people to be called pigs in an ad on your radio station is unconscionable. I am bringing this to your attention, as you may not have heard the content of the ad. After all, nobody would expect inflammatory language in a church ad. Sadly, that is the case in the Calvary Chapel ads on WTAM.
   WTAM recently led the Cleveland community in a rally against hate and facilitated the posting of the famous "Hate Stops Here" billboard. Now Calvary Chapel is engaging in hate mongering and doing it on the WTAM airwaves. Just as any part of a Nazi message is considered unacceptable, the Calvary Chapel ads should also be considered unacceptable on any radio station, especially WTAM considering how you champion fighting hate. It is imperative that WATM remain consistent in its efforts against hate and remove the Calvary Chapel ad from its airwaves entirely, not just the one ad.
Sincerely yours,
(name withheld)

CC: Anti-Defamation League
Cleveland Jewish News
End of Letter
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