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February 8, 2004
Did Fujifilm circulate world maps that omit Israel as a country in the Middle East?
 Summary: An email was sent accusing Fujifilm of distributing a map of the middle east omitting Israel as a country and calling for a boycott of Fujifilm. The map was not authorized by Fujifilm.
   An e-mail encouraging the boycott of Fujifilm has been circulating stating that Fujifilm franchises outside of the U.S., claiming the company's stores are providing customers with complimentary world maps that omit Israel as a country in the Middle East.

   The message calls for a general boycott of the company and linked Fujifilm corporation to Fuji-Subaru, the manufacturers of Subaru cars and a division of General Motors. Fujifilm has no actual connection to Fuji-Subaru.

   Fujifilm has issued a statement saying that it never authorized the distribution or production of a map of this kind.

   After further investigation, the company found that one third-party distributor of its products in the Ivory Coast had created a map bearing the Fujifilm logo without its permission. The map has since been removed from distribution. The following is the full text of the statement from Fujifilm:

   No Fujifilm company or distributor published or distributed a map of the kind we have heard described, and Fujifilm in no way sanctioned the production of such a map.

   In looking into the matter, we have learned that a third party wholesaler in the Republique de Cote d'Ivoire (the Ivory Coast) produced a calendar with such a map. They did so on their own initiative, combining the map with our logo without our permission and in violation of our policy regarding the use of the Fujifilm logo.

   Fujifilm is greatly disturbed that someone would violate our policies and link our company's good name to something we find unacceptable. As soon as we learned of the problem, corrective action was taken to stop the distribution of these calendars.

   Fujifilm appreciates the opportunity to share the actual facts of this matter, and to provide every assurance that Fujifilm is a company of the highest stature and integrity.

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