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 Summary: Mesora, a major Jewish religious organization, has called for a boycott of MSNBC and it's advertisers after the cancellation of 'Alan Keyes is Making Sense' television show.
----- original announcement ------
-----  original announcement   ------
SPECIAL Mesora Announcement - July 7, 2002

As most of you know, Mesora began a campaign to keep Alan
Keyes on air. Regardless, MSNBC cancelled  Keyes with no
warning to his viewing public. They claimed ratings was the
issue. Mesora contacted Neilsen Ratings, and found that
Keyes' ratings are actually better than Banfields'. When we
requested a reply from MSNBC, they failed to respond.
Now, MSNBC hired Jeff Cohen, founder of
Read their material and you will see that Cohen seeks to be
fair with the inhuman monsters who shoot 5 year old
children at point blank range, and rig bombs to shred the
bodies of the innocent. FAIR favors the notion that
Palestinian violence can be labeled "retaliation", and that
a person who "retaliates" is not responsible for his
actions, since he was merely responding to someone else's
aggression. FAIR diminishes the responsibility and
criminality of Palestinian homicide bombers.
We cannot be silent and allow MSNBC to fire Keyes, a
staunch supporter of Israel, and hire a Jeff Cohen who has
concern for killers, without MSNBC and their advertisers
learning of our disdain for their actions expressed via our
Our boycott of MSNBC and their advertisers has commenced as
of today. It is crucial that EACH of you sign, and send
your emails to their advertisers. You can do both with 3
quick steps on our site:

Please forward this email to others,
----- end of original announcement ------
Requests for comment were sent to several MSNBC departments on Sunday, July 7, 2002 at 11:00 Eastern Standard Time. All peplies from MSNBC will be posted as is.
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----- UPDATE 7-7-2002 ------

   Mesora founder Moshe Ben-Chaim, spoke to MSNBC executive Cheryl Daly offering his position based the Neilsen ratings. The following is a recap of the conversation:

   MSNBC reportedly canceled the 'Alan Keyes Is Making Sense' show based upon the claim that 'Keyes' ratings were not satisfactory. This claim contradicts MSNBC's own reports, June 27th, entitled "Keyes' Ratings Better Than Replacement" accurately notes, "The report dated May 27, just one month ago, touts Keyes' quick growth since January: 'Alan Keyes jumps 21 percent over [the first quarter of 2002] - more than competing news networks in the time period." Keyes' show held strong support and very rapid growth among the 25-54 male viewer bloc, and the "male 25-54 age segment is considered the most important group of viewers in terms of the value of television advertising."

   Daly's comments omitted that Banfield was only rated for 1 month, and that month tied Keyes. Banfields ratings were not better than Keyes based on Neilsen ratings. I fact, Keyes scored higher than Banfield. See the chart on the link below. Moreover, MSNBC's own reports brag of keyes 38% growth rate.
  January February March April May
Keyes 173,000 (P) 143,000 162,000 196,000 151,000
Banfield No data No data No data No data 173,000 (P)
Banfield and Keyes both premiered (P) with identitcal numbers, yet MSNBC
claims banfield more promising, even though the numbers do support that claim,
especially since Keyes highest ratings month had 196,000 viewers
   Neilsen ratings pose questions on the top ranking MSNBC executives who, on June 28, telephoned and faxed saying, "Banfield scored higher than Keyes on one night." It is known that stations use cumulatives ("cumes") to determine popularity, not individual shows. MSNBC's top executive said, "Keyes' hasn't shown significant growth..." In the MSNBC June 10 report, the network itself says, "Alan Keyes grows even more - +38 percent week to week."These confusing statements by MSNBC pose serious questions on their motive to remove Keyes. Keyes in fact has the higher scoring month of the two. Neilsen ratings show Keyes' highest rated night surpassed Banfield's at a 7-6 ratio - and this is despite Banfield having 20% more air time during May than did Keyes. Additionally, Banfield showed up on Neilsen ratings for only one month, in contrast to Keyes' five months, making comparisons difficult.
Boycott Watch investigated MSNBC's reason for the change:
   BW has learned of a letter writing campaign to oust Keyes, who is Pro-Israel, by pro-Palestinian organizations. BW media consultants report that complaint letters and calls create 'buzz' thus increase viewership and this is a reason to keep a personality on the air, not remove them.
   Accoring to Mesora, Jeff Cohen was just hired last month to be senior producer of Donahue's new show. Cohen is founder of the liberal media watchdog group, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting -- known for its pro-Palestinian activism, among other things. FAIR favors the notion that Palestinian violence can be labeled "retaliation," and it states that a person who "retaliates" is not responsible for his actions, since he was merely responding to "someone else's aggression." FAIR objects to the "tendency to define Israel's role as defensive, and the Palestinian role as aggressive." Up until last month, when he was hired by MSNBC, Cohen was on FAIR's board of directors.
 Mesora's web site further states: FAIR favors the Palestinian viewpoint, particularly in its "action alerts" and "media advisories" dealing with the Middle East. (Link:
The full text of Mesora's article may be found at:
----- END OF UPDATE 7-7-2002 ------
----- UPDATE 8-5-2002 ------
 A petition has been lauched to get Alan Keyes on Fox News:
----- END OF UPDATE 8-5-2002 ------

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