Boycott Watch
Florida Atlantic University Arab Students
Made Nazi Like Claims And Calls Against Jews
 Summary: On September 26, 2002, An email was been sent with a threat against Jews allegedly from the Arab students at Florida Atlantic University in which the Arab students made Nazi like claims and calls against Jews. At first, FAU denied the letter even came from their university. A Boycott Watch letter regarding this matter was responded to acknowledging the letter did emanate from a publicly used computer FAU. No further letters were found.

The Arabs on campus have disavowed the letter. The University is conducted an investigation into the matter and sent us the following letter:
November 14, 2002
    The FAU Police Department has determined that the offensive letter was sent from a computer that is available for public use, so it was not possible to identify the person or persons who wrote it. However, there has been no repeat occurrence and relations have remained excellent between FAU's Jewish and Arab students. We continue to believe that this was the work of a single individual who wanted to cause trouble where none actually existed.

With best regards,
Lynn Laurenti
Special Assistant to the President
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Telephone: 561/297-4422
Fax: 561/297-3942
   Boycott Watch is keeping this file open for the time being.
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