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Maytag closes plant, moving 1,600 jobs to Mexico to
cut costs - reports 48% profit rise 3 days later.
   1,600 workers in Galesburg, Illinois can no longer depend upon Maytag, AKA "The Dependability People," after the company announced a plant closing, thus spurring a boycott.
   Maytag plans to consolidate its operations with its Amana, IA facility as well as to move many jobs to Mexico as part of a cost cutting effort, according to a Maytag press release (see below). This was a major shock to employees, many of whom have worked for Maytag for years, some expecting to retire from the company as their only employer.
   Galesburg is a sleepy rural town situated along major highways in a rural part of Illinois. The nearest city is Springfield, where Abraham was born, and that's far away and few can point to it on a map.
   Yes this town will undoubtedly be drastically affected more than if a tornado ripped through their town. Tornado recovery can take place in a year - Galesburg grew up around Maytag and the people depended on Maytag as a major employer.
   Three Days later Galesburg and the Maytag employees was dealt a slap in the face - Maytag announced a 48% increase of its profits even though Maytag cited decreased profits as its need to move to Mexico.
   The move announcement and subsequent earnings report sparked a mass boycott against Maytag by union members, NAFTA opponents and many others.
   Boycott Watch has verified the reasons for the boycott.
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Maytag Press Release Announcing The Plant Closing
Maytag Earning Press Release

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