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   If you have a convention or other event and you are looking for a unique speaker who can convey information and teach new concepts to your audience, you need to invite Boycott Watch to speak. There are many motivators and sales trainers, but only Boycott Watch can help you avoid pitfalls that can ruin your sales from within. Boycott Watch will help you prevent having boycotts against your business from starting. Boycott Watch is the consumer boycott experts - to avoid boycotts, you the expertise of Boycott Watch.

   Our lectures concentrate on how you can avoid boycotts from disrupting your sales by teaching practical example of what other companies have done right and wrong just before a boycott hit them. Boycott Watch will also illuminate common customer service department mistakes that lead to boycotts so you can avoid them. Most managers do not realize that boycotts usually start when people in your company pass wrong information to your clients. Boycott Watch teaches methods to avoid such problems that plague businesses.

   These lectures are meant for supervisors, managers and executives, and even customer service personnel. Our aim is to leave you with new ideas to improve your business, provide better customer service and increase your customer retention levels.
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