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Vegetarians Protest PETA's 'Holocaust On Your Plate' By Eating Meat
    PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, recently launched a campaign equating the Holocaust, where 6 million Jews were murdered just because they are Jews, to eating meat. The comparison of eating meat to Nazi's has infuriated more than just Jews.

    PETA's web site,, contains a graphic directly equating Jews in Auschwitz to chickens in farms with the words "The Holocaust On Your Plate" across the center. Clicking on the graphic takes you to, a PETA web site that further equates meat eaters with Nazis. The campaign is getting the goat, so to speak, of many people around the world, especially Jewish Vegetarians.

    Zev Lenchus, an orthodox Jew and vegetarian in Florida is one of many people who wrote PETA to voice his displeasure. In a conversation with Lenchus, he summed up his displeasure with PETA's latest campaign by saying "That's it. I will raise my kids to not be vegetarians." Although he stopped short of committing to eat meat, Lenchus said he will now start eating fake meat, something he has avoided as well. Lenchus also would not rule out eating meat to show his displeasure at PETA.

    The following is the letter Lenchus wrote to PETA:

---- Start of letter -----

    To: PETA

    Hello fellow vegetarians! I recently visited your website and let me say, it most certainly made a point. Never before has a campaign affected me so greatly. I would really love to meet the creative masterminds behind this campaign and let them all personally know my feelings after viewing the slide show.

    If I may, let me attempt to share some of those feelings now. It fascinates me to see that people can believe in something so much, that they completely lose touch of reality. The audacity to compare the HUMAN VICTIMS of the Holocaust to the animal victims of the FDA is disgusting. Animal rights is a strong cause as it is, but this "parallel" drives fence sitters and those who believe in the cause, running from your group. Your counter productive campaign defecates on those effected in any way by the Holocaust, but it's not the first time we've seen this comparison. It seems like everyone is using the term "Holocaust" these days to nail their political agenda home. In doing so, the actual event of the Holocaust seems watered down and people grow callous to the term, but the think team at PETA went a step further... you added pictures into the equation. A simple parallel?

    Well, let me offer my simple parallel: I think that your campaign is the greatest argument I've heard yet in my struggling years of vegetarianism, to EAT MEAT. And take my word for it, I have been a vegetarian long before 80% of your entire organization of trend followers, because I started before it was popular. Your attempt to dehumanize the victims of the Holocaust is insulting and offensive. Your campaign tramples over a sacred place in our history, and your group dug up the bodies of our dead and tried to desecrate them some more.

    I could write a book on your insensitivity, but I will close with another short parallel. If you want humans and animals to be on equal ground, I hope that you all find yourselves stranded in the wild one day and are mauled to death by the very animals you protect.

Zev Lenchus


---- End of letter -----

    Lenchus, summed up PETA's position saying "If PETA wants every human to stop eating meat, the they also need to start a campaign to make sure all animals on this planet stop eating meat too." Lenchus made the comments laughing at PETA. "I do it for me, but I certainly don't think that this (vegetarianism) is a life style that everyone can live with. You have to be reasonable."

    PETA advocates everyone in the world stop eating meat. Their philosophy is "Meat is Murder." PETA is also against wearing fur, and currently has a campaign where instead of burying furs that people have given PETA in protest, the furs are given to Afghan children. Boycott Watch finds this to be inconsistent. Even though we agree these children need to keep warm, it is hypercritic for PETA to say one person cannot wear fur but others can. Additionally, if PETA truly believes fur, as a component of meat products, is murder, PETA should be holding funerals for the furs instead of redistributing them. "We honor victims of the Holocaust by remembering what they went through, doing our part to lessen violence on all levels, and by making sure we learn from this history" said PETA Campaign coordinator Andrew Butler.

    Nationally syndicated talk show host Dennis Prager had a different take on PETA's campaign and history: "The PETA campaign desecrates history…The Nazi's were proponents of animal rights. They treated their animals with respect, but the in doing so, they lowered the value of human life, resulting in a lack or value of human life, thus facilitating genocide."

    The Boycott Watch interview with PETA will soon be published here with a rebuttal.

    Boycott Watch Conclusion: PETA overstepped the bounds of decency and humanity in this campaign, and owes an apology to every victim and survivor of the Holocaust, as well as their families. This PETA campaign is irresponsible at best.

    Editors Note: Before PETA members write us and complain about Boycott Watch being one-sided, please read our coverage of PETA's complaints against Petco.
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