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December 7, 2003
Who wants your car donation?
Boycott Watch researches the L'Chaim Society
   Have you ever wondered who is really requesting your car donation in the ads on the radio? One organization, the L'Chaim Society, advertises nationally, and there are many rumors regarding who they are. Since there is no web site for the organization, it is hard to get definitive information. Rather than leaving it up to guesses, Boycott Watch decided to take the challenge and find out what the L'Chaim Society really is.

   Some people suggested the car donation program is related to noted author and lecturer Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, so we asked him. As it turns out, while Rabbi Boteach is associated with the L'Chaim Society of Oxford, a club he started, he is not related to the car donation program of the same name.

   We started by calling the L'Chaim Society at 800-288-7799, the phone number in the radio ads. Since L'Chaim is a Hebrew word, we asked the person answering the phone if they are associated with any synagogues, and we were told they are associated with Bet Shabbat (House of the Sabbath) Synagogue in Stamford, Connecticut. We were also explained that the proceeds are used to Jewish educational programs and for the needy. This was not unreasonable since we expected the proceeds to go to Jewish programs because the word L'Chaim is in Hebrew.

   That's all we asked the very courteous person on the phone. While we could have asked more questions, we wanted to find out more information on our own, and that is what we did.

   We checked with the United Jewish Federation of Greater Stamford, New Canaan, and Darien, Connecticut and discovered that the program ran by their local Chabad, a branch of the well-known world-wide Jewish outreach organization of the same name.

   We called the local number after business hours, and sure enough, the phone message lists an extension to the L'Chaim Society, as well as the advertised toll-free phone number which can be used for immediate service. Boycott Watch is therefore satisfied that the L'Chaim Society car donation program is a legitimate charity and is providing the services as advertised.

United Jewish Federation Listing for Chabbad in Stamford:

Chabad Lubavitch of Fairfield County

57 Revonah Avenue, Stamford, CT 06905 Phone: (203) 324-3779 · FAX: (203) 348-6284

Chabad's mission is to serve as a catalyst for growth and development in the Jewish community by providing resources for education and Jewish continuity. Outreach to the unaffiliated is a vital element of the Chabad programs.

Among its activities, Chabad sponsors Chabad Gan Yeladim Preschool, Gan Israel Day Camp, youth programs, Shabbat and holiday celebration, services to the Russian speaking members of the Jewish community, women's programming and adult education.

Chabad activities in Stamford take place in local synagogues and centers.

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