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January 8, 2010
Tea Party Boycott Will Fail
Summary: The Tea party has been very effective in the past, but this was a sloppy plan.
    When it comes to motivating consumers these days, perhaps the most effective political organization are the Tea Party activists. As a counter to political progressives who boycotted their own John Mackey of Whole Foods because he did not tow the Obama health care mantra as Progressives expected, Tea Party activists arranged, for example, a to have large numbers of political Conservatives buy from Whole Foods for the first time.

    The Tea Party activists owe much of their success to their detractors who prefer to call them "tea baggers" which has been used a derogatory term in the past, no doubt to make them upset. It's not that Tea Party opposition has given them organization notoriety, their successful campaigns have done that for them, but opposition, namely the political Progressives, are so concerned with what the Tea Party activists are doing that the Progressives gave Tea Party activists lots of free radio advertising in for their upcoming one day boycott in the form of radio talk show banter.

    Tea Party activists are planning a one-day boycott of everything, the entire U.S. economy, on January 20, 2009. Listening to Progressive talk radio shows about the topic is rather entertaining both because it is usually the Progressives who are boycotting and because Tea party has taken a page out of the Progressive playbook, as Progressives appear to be boycotting everything these days.

    More to the point though, the January 20, 2009 boycott is a one-day boycott, something Boycott Watch has repeatedly stated and proven to be completely ineffective. People who do not buy gasoline January 20, 2009 will just buy it the day before or the day after. Let's face it. People still need to go to work and still need to eat. While the Tea Party claims to be boycotting the entire U.S. economy, that's impossible to do because we are all a part of it. We consume products and services every day, including when we just eat and drink water. Just the same, you can't boycott air.

    While the Tea Party activists have been very effective in the past, this one-day boycott will inherently fail because inherently it cannot have any economic impact, which is what boycotts are about.

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