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September 2, 2009
Whole Foods "Buycott" report proves Boycott Watch was right, once again.
Summary:Wall Street Journal confirms our predictions were right!
    A report on the Fox News program "On The Record with Greta Van Susteren" Tuesday, September 01, 2009 proved that the Boycott Watch analysis and prediction of the Whole Foods boycott was 100% accurate, proving once again that Boycott Watch President Fred Taub is the leading authority when it comes to consumer advocacy, consumer reactions and especially boycotts.

    It all started when Whole Foods co-founder and CEO John Mackey's Op-Ed titled "The While Foods Alternative to ObamaCare" appeared in The Wall Street Journal August 12, 2009. Boycott Watch said all along that the boycott against Whole Foods was about silencing free speech and that the boycott, being political in nature, was a failure and would bring new customers to the stores in the long run. Fred Taub was right. As predicted, the boycott had the opposite of the intended affect - people who would otherwise not shop in that store did so in support of John Mackey and his right to free speech.

    (See our original report)

    In that Fox News report, Dana Loesch, of the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition spoke about how her efforts to counter the boycott filled a Whole Foods stores with new customers. Meanwhile, there was one Mackey-inspired boycotting protester at the store. As reported by Boycott Watch, the numbers of boycotters, averaging 115 per store, is meaningless when it comes to their bottom line. Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal Editorial also appeared on the show said the boycott would ultimately help sales at Whole Foods and that sales figures and stock prices indicate zero affect for the boycott. This confirms Fred Taub's prediction about the boycott.

    BW was also right in saying Whole Foods was wrong to apologize, which was also proven in this case. By making unilateral concessions to the boycotters with no agreement in return, the boycotters continue their boycott with no end in sight.

    At this point, this Whole Foods boycott is failing. After a major push by political progressives, the boycott effort grew by about one percent to 32,000, which is rather embarrassing considering all the media attention it received. That's 119 boycotters per store, an increase of four boycotters per Whole Foods store over the past four days. Meanwhile, the Tea Party "buycotters" brought about thee hundred new customers to a single store in one shot, and they are on a national tour, traveling city to city in a motor coach on a tour that will end in Washington, D.C. The boycotters clearly lost the momentum and the Tea Party supporters are now driving an effort to support Mr. Mackey and his right to free speech.

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