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April 20, 2009
The Islamic Boycott of Starbucks
Summary: Sturbucks is under attack, yet again, and Boycott Watch sets the record straight once again.
Update Note: My good friend Debbie Schlussel has written several very important articles about anti-Semitic attacks against Starbucks, including the January, 2006 attempted bombing of a Starbucks store in San Francisco which was an apparent escalation of a Starbucks boycott which began in 2002. In the same article, Debbie Schlussel showed Muslims protesting a Starbucks in Lebanon. Debbie also broke the story about the connection of Caribou coffee and terrorism, and has been on top of the Starbucks and Caribou stories from the beginning and deserves much credit for her fine work on this and other topics.

    For several years, Starbucks has been under fire, primarily from Islamic groups, attacking Starbucks because Howard Schultz, the President of Starbucks is Jewish. The anti-Semitic attacks on Starbucks has been far reaching, challenging both their patriotism and making stealth claims about the company being anti-Semitic in order to get Jews to boycott the company, all in the name of getting as many people as possible to stop buying Starbucks products, all because Mr. Schultz is Jewish.

    After Boycott Watch exposed the attacks on Starbucks as being from Islamic groups, the attacks on Starbucks have started to come out from the underground, most notably in a video from Egyptian television where Starbucks has come under direct fire with fabricated claims of Jewish conspiracy, claiming the mermaid in their logo is Queen Esther and calling Mordechai, the hero of the Purim holiday evil, presumably because he saved the Jews in ancient Persia. More specifically, the boycott call is aimed at Starbucks because, once again, the president of the company is Jewish.

    In a video translated by MEMRI, The Middle East Media Research Institute which does a great job translating Arabic television and exposing Jihadist hate messages, An Egyptian cleric calls for a Muslim boycott of Starbucks and explains his call using hate filled reasoning that has nothing to do with the actual truth.

    The video does, however, exemplify the simple fact that the Arab boycott of Israel and all associated boycotts are hate filled and have nothing to do with achieving peace in the Middle East.

    "The Arab boycott of Israel is a ploy to divide people, not bring peace" said Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch. "The only way to bring peace to the Middle East is by first ending the Arab boycott of Israel because without economic cooperation, there is no basis for sustaining peace. Written agreements are meaningless without structure to support it, and actual trade, not just trade agreements, is that structure."

    Mr. Taub is known for speaking nationally with his message that peace in the Middle East can only be achieved once the Arab boycott of Israel, which is ran via the Central Boycott Office in Damascus, Syria, is dismantled and Arab nations establish trade with Israel, without pre-conditions of any kind. Efforts to boycott Israel, including the Divestment, Boycott, Sanctions (DBS) campaign are all impediments to peace because, as Mr. Taub states, "you can't have peace with people you won't sit down and have a cup of coffee with."

    Starbucks has also recognized that Boycott Watch has helped block false rumors against their company. In a 2005 statement by Starbucks, the company pointed out that Boycott Watch is an accurate source of busting a myth against them. Boycott Watch points out that we have received no compensation from Starbucks for our reporting.

    Starbucks' most prominent competitor is Caribou Coffee, whose website likes to give the impression it is an American company, but nothing can be further from the truth. Fine-print on Caribou's website states "Our majority shareholder since 2000 is an affiliate of Arcapita Bank B.S.C.©," but what they fail to mention is that Arcapita was formerly known as the First Islamic bank of Bahrain which at one point owned about 90% of the company and was renamed to hide the fact that the company adheres to the same Islamic Sharia laws which prescribes discrimination against Jews, Christians and women. Boycott Watch has also previously written how Caribou has ties to terrorism. Although we cannot directly tie the boycott calls against Starbucks to Caribou's attempts to silent Boycott Watch and false anti-Semitic claims about Starbucks, we do find the possibility of such a relationship rather intriguing.

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