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August 17, 2006
Jihad Against Starbucks - Howard Schultz Did Not Send The Email
Summary: Starbucks is the victim of another false attack; this one is by hate mongers.
    Starbucks has been under attack in the past, and Boycott Watch has busted several claims against Starbucks, but this one is different. While Boycott Watch has suspected some of the previous email attacks were specifically targeting Starbucks because its founder is Jewish, we now believe this to be an absolute irrefutable fact.

   Boycott Watch has been at the forefront of breaking myths, including false claims against companies such as Starbucks, and we have always called it like we see it. Today we break another myth. This time, however, we are calling it anti-Semitism and an Islamic Jihad against Starbucks, specifically targeting Starbucks, and its founder and Chairman, Howard Schultz.

   Why? Because while many of the attacks against Starbucks in the past have had elements that could have been interpreted as anti-Semitic, Boycott Watch prefers to air on the side of caution. At Boycott Watch, we do not make any claims or draw any conclusions that can not be firmly and clearly established. Our mantra is to report both sides of the story so you can decide for yourself what the truth is. There are times, however, when no sane person could possibly draw any other conclusion, and in those cases, we can soft soft-petal the truth. We tell it like it is.

   Fact: Starbucks is under attack because Starbucks' founder and chairman is Jewish. It is that simple.

   An email is circulating that is supposedly signed by Starbucks' President Howard Schultz, but it is a total fabrication. Boycott Watch is not going to dissect the email line by line because we will not lower ourselves to the gutter, nor will we give the authors any credibility by answering their hate-filled anti-Semitic Jihadist claims. Boycott Watch will also not be used to spread any hate message, and as such, we turned the hate email into a graphic which we labeled as fraudulent and hate so you can see enough of the hate message so you can decide for yourself how anti-Semitic and Jihadist the email is.

   In case you don't pick up what we call an obvious hate message, the email is clearly designed to be sent to Jihadists and other anti-Semites to get them riled up against Starbucks and Jews in general. Don't fall for it and don't play their game.

   Boycott Watch suggests that everyone receiving this email should delete it immediately and then tell the person who they received it from to do the same and retract the email.
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