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December 7, 2009
Another Aruba Hotel/Casino Closed Down
Summary:Aruba is in denial - Woes started with the Natalee Holloway inspired boycott
    Yet another Aruba hotel and casino closed its doors, once again blaming the U.S. recession, but it is far more than that. Hotels in Aruba need about 75% occupancy to make money, but the hotel occupancy rates have fallen to 70% or lower at various hotel properties since the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, all due to the boycott inspired by it. Boycott Watch was first to break the story about Aruba lying about their tourism rates, and as we later learned, blocked off many rooms to make people think the hotels were booked solid when they were not. The current economic problems in Aruba started with the boycott and the problems are being exasperated by the U.S. economy, not the U.S. economy alone as Aruba claims.

    After reporting that the Aruban Hotel and Casino missed their payroll December 3, 2009, Boycott Watch notes a report in, the Aruba newspaper which, which reported later that same day that "Casino Radisson Aruba closing down". In our report, Boycott Watch noted that the economic situation in Aruba is bad, as the island nation recently had to borrow one sixth their GDP to stay afloat, and most significantly that people planning to vacation in Aruba need to bring extra money along in case the hotel in the vacation package they purchased is suddenly closed. It looks like the prediction by Boycott Watch President Fred Taub was 100% correct. "I posted that story at midnight December third, and the next morning a hotel closed. My predictions about Aruba are once again right."

    Boycott Watch also notes a U.S. State Department Travel Warning about Aruba, plus we reported how a double-murderer escaped an Aruba jail because someone was so incompetent that they left a large ladder in the jail. In an appearance on Fox News, Fred Taub spoke about underage drinking and rampant drug usage in Aruba and asked the question "would you send your kids to Aruba?"

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