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July 21, 2009
BW Right Again - Aruba Bribed Airlines and Hotels to Report False Tourism
Boycott Watch Exclusive - Special thanks to Natalee Holloway and True Crime reporter Michelle Simonsen for her blog entry which resulted in this report
    In a February, 2008 appearance on Fox News, Boycott Watch President Fred Taub discussed how tourism was down in Aruba while Neil Cavuto reported skyrocketing tourism numbers. While that may have been confusing to some viewers, Fred Taub and his numbers were vindicated today in a report by Natalee Holloway and true-crime blogger Michelle Simonsen where she quoted an Aruban official admitting Aruba paid American Airlines a bribe to keep flying to Aruba despite low tourism.

    In Michelle's report, Aruba claims the low tourism numbers were because of terrorism and terrorist threats, but that clearly means boycotts in English. The fact is that Aruba denied the affect of the boycott inspired by the disappearance, and we believe murder of Natalee Holloway. In fact, Aruba first claimed that tourism was up when the numbers were actually down in light of the boycott, a story Boycott Watch broke by exposing a Central Bank of Aruba report showing the Aruba economy shrinking between six and eight percent when Aruba tourism officials claimed tourism was up ten percent.

    Later, when Joran Van Der Sloot was exposed as having a direct link to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, there were several media reports of vandalism at the Van Der Sloot home by people who were hurt economically by the Aruba boycott, all the while Aruba was still reporting record tourism numbers. A few months ago, however, Boycott Watch reported that Aruba finally admitted Aruba lied and that Boycott Watch was right about their tourism reports all along.

    Today we have the new revelation that Aruba bribed American Airlines, and probably others airlines as well to keep their flight schedules, no doubt because Aruba did not want to admit to actual lower tourism numbers. As a corollary, Boycott Watch believes hotels must have been bribed to block out rooms as well to create the illusion of sold out vacation packages, which explains why hotel rooms were booked when airlines tickets were sold, apparently to ghosts, and this news has caught up with politicians in Aruba who are appear to be running like rats from a sinking ship as the Dutch government investigates the Aruba leadership.

    By bribing airlines to fly empty planes to Aruba, Aruba maintained the appearance of high tourism numbers while the airlines still made money on those flights, probably calling their flights booked. This correlates to the time Aruba claimed to be "investing" in its infrastructure to boost tourism, and Boycott Watch now understands what that those investments were. "I remember hearing news reporters saying they were unable to get hotel rooms in early 2008 which contradicted my reports of few tourists shopping in Aruba, and the reason is now clear - hotel rooms were made unavailable so potential tourists felt urgency to book hotel rooms, and to fool the reporters - Aruba created an artificial demand - Aruba lied again, and we are busting them again" said Fred Taub of Boycott Watch.

    Previously, Boycott Watch also reported how a double murderer escaped from an Aruba jail because Aruba is so incompetent, that they left a large ladder inside the jail so every prisoner could escape. "The incompetence in Aruba is staggering" commented Fred Taub. To erase the stigma of the Natalee Holloway disappearance, Carlos and Charlies, the bar Natelee was last seen in, has had its name changed to "Senior Frog's," but Boycott Watch has seen little evidence of real change in Aruba.

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