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November 7, 2008
Economic Talking Points:
Obama and the Stock Market - November 7, 2008
    Yesterday, we reported the stock market took a dive out of fear of an Obama administration. Today, the stock market was up 240 points. When President Elect Obama took the podium for his first press conference, however, the stock market made a quick drop of more than 150 points. Then, when President Elect Obama finished speaking, the market rose again. This confirms the conclusions we made yesterday.

    There is a significant social change afoot as well. The day after President Bush was elected eight years ago, the "I Hate Bush" campaign was in full swing by liberals. Today, conservatives are saying they applaud America's first African American President, and are basically saying they want Mr. Obama to succeed, and calling him 'my President" This is a far cry from the treatment President Bush received. The civility is noted.

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