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October 13, 2008
Economic Talking Points:
Breakfast with Senator Lieberman
   This morning, after publishing my Economic Talking Points note titled "Stock Market Bargains and Suntan Lotion," I had the privilege of sitting down for breakfast with Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) who is on a tour campaigning for Senator John McCain and his bid for the Presidency. Senator Lieberman started the conversation displaying a good sense of humor, as he described himself as a Democrat who was elected as an Independent, who is now campaigning for a Republican.

    Introducing my first question, I stated that Chinese goods have helped the middle class stretch their dollars by supplying the U.S. market with inexpensive products. I then stated that since those jobs have been exported, we also exported the means to hire workers, the same workers who will build this economy and get us out of this economic slump, and I then asked him how we get manufacturing going.

    In response, Senator Lieberman explained that we export goods to many other countries, thus our goods are in demand. The real problem, he felt, are trade barriers which put high tariffs on U.S. goods. Still, in essence, Senator Lieberman believes we have the means of production to sell goods to other countries, thus our manufacturing base is strong.

    Senator Lieberman then stated two points made here previously. First, Senator Lieberman said it is "time for the banks to start lending money again" which is correct, and he agreed that fear is leading problem in the economic crisis because, as he agreed with Senator McCain, the economy is strong but there are some sectors that have problems, the second half of the McCain quote which was not played In the media.

    Our breakfast meeting covered many other issues, but the above were the most important points, leaving out politics.

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