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October 10, 2008
Economic Talking Points:
Oil - October 10, 2008
    As oil prices drop, OPEC is planning to meet to adjust production downward, thus raising oil prices in the open market. Yes, the U.S. has shown that we can tolerate $4/gallon gasoline, at least in the eyes of OPEC dictators, despite the fact that the middle class is being choked, and oil prices started a recession that is being exasperated by the mortgage loan crisis. This means:

  1. 1) While OPEC is drowning in US oil dollars, they are hurting the U.S. economy more when we need to get the economy moving. Lower gas prices are the medicine this economy needs, so OPEC apparently wants to hurt the U.S. economy.
  2. 2) The bailout plan has the ability to bail out loans to the same OPEC zillionaires who are overcharging for gas as it is, yet still want more money they can't even spend, so they build things like indoor ski resorts in the desert while Americans can't pay their bills or get any credit, and use the extra money to fund terrorism that murders Americans and our ally, the Israelis.
  3. 3) OPEC is kicking the U.S. when we are down - these people are not our friends, and the sooner Americans realize it, the better off this great nation will be.
  4. 4) All this proves Mr. Pickens is right - we need to drop our dependency on foreign oil. Foreign countries have the ability to strangle our economy, and they are telling the world they are going to make things worse for us. They have more money than they can use - our money, so in their eyes, an economic turndown won't affect them because they don't need credit to run their economies when then are loaded with cash.
  5. 5) America needs to takes action to reduce dependency on OPEC oil, especially from Middle-East and Venezuela, the countries which spend money like it grows on trees, will suddenly be in a recession while the U.S. economy grows as a result of dollars being kept at home, and circulating at home.
  6. 6) Breaking OPEC will have the added benefit of peace in the Middle East. U.S. policy will no longer be held hostage by oil needs, and Arab countries will be forced to trade with Israel to survive rather than support terrorism. Creating trade zones and economic dependency makes war too expensive from a societal standpoint.

    Breaking OPEC is in America's best interests, and it has been for a long time. Creating energy independence is vital to the U.S. economy so we are not held hostage by foreign dictators. Boycott Watch has stressed these points many times in various articles over the years. Politics aside, As Americans, we need to do what is in our best interests, and today that means energy independence, something Congress has talked about for years, yet done nothing about.

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