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May 19, 2008
Product Review: Wildly Cherry M&M's
    I love junk food, but I know enough to watch how much of it I eat, for the most part that is. So, when I saw a package of the Limited Edition Wildly Cherry M&M's in a highway vending machine in Pennsylvania while on a road trip, I just had to try it. I have not seen this product anywhere else so I must assume it is a very limited edition or perhaps marketing test.

    The candies themselves are, as expected, red just like the packaging, but that is where my expectations stopped - while there was some resemblance to a cherry taste, that was about it. The candies mostly tasted like a cherry bob-bon, the chocolate candies with an actual cherry floating inside, but had a slightly bitter aftertaste. Biting half way into a candy to look at the inside revealed a milk chocolate center, but the candy lacked any milk chocolate taste. In fact, I had to look two or three more times to make sure I was in fact seeing milk chocolate and not dark chocolate, which I expected by the way it tasted.

    I really could not find the right word to describe the aftertaste, but it was odd, yet not bad. Still, I had no intention of finishing these M&M's. Most notably, these M&M's neither melted in my hands nor in my mouth. The idea behind candy bars is to be a fun food people can grab quickly, but this candy, with its odd cherry flavor, was not fun. It was just weird.

    Mars, Inc., the makers of M&M's, is a standard bearer in the candy business and they do not make marketing mistakes often, so I have to assume this was a marketing test, one that I doubt will go far. So, if you really have the urge to try it, go to Pennsylvania and maybe you will find it, but it's not worth the time or especially the gasoline.

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