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June 29, 2009
In memory of Billy Mays, perhaps the greatest TV pitchman of all time.
By Fred Taub,
President, Boycott Watch

   This morning, Sunday, June 29, 2009, Fox News reported the passing of Billy Mays, the TV Pitchman with a distinctive shout, or projecting as he called it. Mr. Mays sold scores of products and earned the trust of consumers because the products he pitched all performed as advertised, and even beyond. Mr. Mays put his name and reputation on everything he sold, and the quality of the products he represented spoke volumes. While Mr. Mays loved to present a "wow" factor in every infomercial, the biggest factor in his success was the genuine warmth he inherently projected.

    Billy Mays had a long successful career because he not only believed in every product he sold, but because he never brought a product to market that he never had 100% faith in. Mr. Mays was not an inventor as is Ron Popeil of Ronco who brought his own products to market, but rather Mr. Mays sought out inventors with practical everyday items he could bring to the public at a great price, usually $20 or less. As a result, Mr. Mays not only provided for his family and not only turned every day people into millionaires; but he also helped simple inventors, people who are inherent dreamers, fulfill their dreams.

    While writing a follow-up story, I was in contact with the PR people for Telebrands, Inc. to get a statement from Mr. A.J. Khubani, President of Telebrands. In the process, I spoke to Ellyn Small of Rosica Strategic Public Relations, a wonderful lady. In my line of work, I have found that most PR people forget to think like consumers and instead take on a defensive posture, thus end up failing to actually serve the public they are paid to relate to. Ellyn Small offered to get me a comment from Mr. Mays for my story, and today I regret to have not taken her up on that offer.

    Much can be learned from Billy Mays. First, it is important to follow ones dreams. Second, if you create a quality product people can relate to, you can market it and succeed, but only if you believe in yourself. Yes, Mr. Mays is the personification of fulfilling the American Dream, as he not only did that for himself, but he helped others do the same.

    Mr. Mays was born in 1958 in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. He started with nothing and built his own empire on honesty, happiness, sincerity and integrity. While there will never be anyone who can sell like Billy Mays, his life reminds the world that in this greatest nation on earth and other free nations, anyone and everyone can achieve their dreams.

    Billy Mays will be missed, but the lessons he taught America, will live on.

    On behalf of everyone at Boycott Watch, we extend our condolences to the family.

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