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January 21, 2010
Tea Party Boycott Failed - Got Zero Attention - Boycott Watch Right Again!
Summary:Boycott Watch prediction proves once again that Boycott Watch is the authority when it comes to boycotts.
    The January 20, 2010 Tea Party national boycott of everything failed. In fact, it failed miserably. It was so much of a failure that many Tea Party activists didn't even know it was planned, which is far worse than even Boycott Watch predicted, indicating a total loss of organization amongst the membership, and comments on the various Tea Party blogs back that up.

    First of all, one-day boycotts always fail. If someone won't buy gas or groceries on a Wednesday, they will buy it on Tuesday or Thursday instead. Second is the energy factor. After people put all their efforts in a failed boycott, they become disillusioned and usually give up, explaining why every group which has run one-day boycotts have ended up in the dust piles of history.

    Can anyone even name the one-day gasoline boycott groups? No, you can't for a reason - they all failed and vanished. Remember the La Raza Mexican illegal immigrant advocate group and their one-day boycott? They had a strong showing and today they are barely a footnote in history.

    While Boycott Watch predicted the Haiti earthquake relief would be the news story of the day pushing out the Tea Party boycott as news, the stunning victory by Scott Brown in his Senatorial race in Massachusetts was the real big story of the day. Had Coakley won, there probably would not have been as much to talk about with that race in the news, but the Haiti relief would have still beat out any news coverage the Tea party could have mustered, if the Tea Party was organized that is.

    Tea Party bloggers were touting how they were going to play the pivotal role in the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, but the Tea Party proved to be ineffective, especially when in a Fox News focus group conducted by pollster Frank Luntz the day after the election, a member of that focus group stated the election was their new Boston tea party, completely ignoring the Tea Party movement. In fact, Tea Party activists have been so overly zealous in their campaigning in Massachusetts that they marginalized themselves politically in that race, and possibly in the long run as well.

    The Tea Party has a problem, and their lackluster performance in the past month is a symptom, not the cause. While it started as a movement by the average upset Americans, it has grown to attract the fringe right, including Bob Barr , a former Republican congressman from Georgia who has claimed to be a leader of the overall Tea Party movement which rejects old-school politicians like Bob Barr, further exasperating Tea party disarray since there never was any Tea Party leadership election.

    Glancing at the various Tea Party blogs reveals total disarray, and one such typical blog revealed the thoughts of Tea Party and associated leader. The ResistNet blog for example, reposted a newspaper article which quoted Fred Taub, the President of Boycott Watch. That blog contains comments typical of various other blogs in response to Fred Taub predicting total failure of the Tea party. The comments included: "I sure hope not. This is a bad idea that is making us look bad" and "I agree with the other commentators (Fred Taub) that staying home would be almost totally ineffective, and will definitely hurt our local businesses that count on a steady, predictable flow of commerce (again referring to the comments of Fred Taub)." Meanwhile, other Tea Party activists were still pushing the one-day boycott with hopes for a turnout, but no rallies took place anywhere. Simply stated, the Tea Party activists knew their boycott was a bad idea and some kept promoting it anyhow, bolstering the conclusions of Fred Taub who stated the Tea Party is in disarray and needs new leadership to survive.

    As Boycott Watch predicted, the one-day Tea Party boycott was a failure. We also predicted that this event would be the nail in the coffin for the Tea Party and we stand by that. All indications point to the demise of the Tea Party. Once again, Boycott Watch is right when it comes to boycott and consumer predictions.

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