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October 3, 2004
Breaking a Myth: Starbucks: 9/11 and free products
   Summary: New claim about Starbucks makes no sense, and therefore does not warrant an investigation.
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    After posting an article about Starbucks not being anti-US troops, Boycott Watch was sent several emails claiming that Starbucks wrongly charged rescue workers at the World Trade Center rescue for water or ice. The complaints all state that Starbucks should not have charged anything to emergency service personnel for the retail products.

   Boycott Watch President Fred Taub summarized our response as follows:

   "I took personal exception to the suggestion that an emergency responder was upset that a company did not give something for free to a rescue worker. In addition to running Boycott Watch, I am an Emergency Medical Technician who is part of a hospital-based emergency response team. My team and I were on standby to respond to the WTC attack, at which I may have arrived in a fire engine wearing the fire gear that I store in the trunk of my car. I have been offered free coffee and sometimes a discounted meal while in uniform or with a police officer, but that was always at the decision of the restaurant. I have never demanded it nor even asked for a discount, nor would I or any of my colleagues. We professionally accept such thank you offers because we know that some people may be insulted if we don't accept it. People appreciate what we do and we appreciate the thank you offers. When I am in a uniform, I still always expect to pay for every food item, and I thank people for a discount when I get one.

   "If a store offers me something, that is different than me demanding or even expecting something for free. Expecting or demanding free food, coffee or even ice sounds un-American in my eyes. No real rescue worker would ever demand or expect anything for free. I know - I am a real rescue worker.

   "I also know that Starbucks coffee has been sent to soldiers as a thank-you for their service to our great country for a long time. Relatively few companies are actively engaged in sending items from home to our troops, and Starbucks as a company and their employees should be applauded for their action.

   "Therefore, when I read emails about Starbucks not giving something for free to a rescue worker and a complaint about it via email, I have to tell you that on a personal level that the claim is an insult to police officers, fire fighters, EMT's and paramedics.

   "Starbucks is a business, and they have every right to charge people for their products. Whoever started that rumor was not a real emergency service provider and should be ashamed for even claiming to be one."

Fred Taub
Boycott Watch

   Rather than worry about what Starbucks is or is not doing, Boycott Watch asks people to take an active stance supporting our troops in our new campaign to send items to soldiers. Click Here for more information.

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