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Updated May 1, 2006
How You Can Say 'Thank You' To Our Troops
    People sometimes say they support our troops, but they should really show their support with actions. Sure, you can put a bumper sticker on your car, but if you really want to show your support, you should do it directly to our troops, not just your friends or the people in the car behind you. The question, however, is how?

   One reason people do not take action is that they don't know how. To solve that problem, Boycott Watch has assembled a list of ways you can say thank you directly to the military personnel who are fighting the war on terror around the world. The following are some simple ways you can say thank you directly.

1) Support US troops in Afghanistan and the schools they are building

   Boycott Watch has been working with a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan to help him get school supplies for the schools US soldiers are building with their own hands for kids who have never had a school to go to. What they mainly need are spiral bound notebooks, pencils, pens and general school supplies. You can go to your local stores and purchase these items, then go to the post office and place the items in Priority Mail envelopes, which are usually at a counter and the mail the school supplies to:

Community Relations
APO, AE 09356

   You will have to complete a "CN 22" form, which is a small piece of green and white paper to declare the contents of your package. It is a painless and short form. Please put a note in the envelope letting the soldiers know that the items are school supplies for kids in Afghanistan.

2) Send a piece of home to our solders in Afghanistan

   Our troops would love to receive a touch of home. One way you can do this is to send soldiers reminders of home, such as new and sealed packages of gourmet coffee, corporate logo coffee mugs, sports team hats, or other items that may remind soldiers that people in the US support and appreciate their effort.

   You can mail these items the same way you would send a package of school supplies, to the address above, and include a note asking that the items be distributed to soldiers. The people in the warehouses will see to it that items get distributed to our troops.

3) Send sporting goods or other entertainment products to our troops.

   Like everyone, soldiers like to relax when they are not out in the field. You can send golf clubs and balls, baseballs, playing cards, and other items. Soldiers also appreciate magazines. Soldiers like to have light reading that can be passed along. This includes People, Sports Illustrated and several other titles. You can mail these to the address above, and please include a note saying that the magazines are for deployed soldiers.

4) Send a greeting card.

   A simple greeting card or letter with a first-class stamp is an easy way to say thank-you. Some schools sponsor these letter drives, and adults can write them too. Cards and letters can also be sent to:

Community Relations
APO, AE 09356

5) Send a pizza or burger to Israeli soldiers

   Israel is also engaged in a war against terrorists, and Israeli soldiers can also be sent pizza, and even burgers. These efforts deliver food to soldiers at their bases. You can send a pizza or burger by visiting and you can sent a burger at

6) Friends of the Israel Defense Forces ( is a great way to say thank you directly to Israeli soldiers, and you can participate in a special Boycott Watch project here.

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