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April 7, 2009
More Sham Wow Scam: Media Scammed by Company Statement
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Summary:Summary: If the major media won't do their homework, Boycott Watch will do it for them.
    Boycott Watch was first to bust the Sham Wow infomercial for false claims in their infomercial which included switched scenes to give people a false impression of the capability of their product. See our video. Since then, pitchman Vince Shlomi, a.k.a. Vincent Offer Schlomi, a.k.a. Vince Offer, has been arrested for aggravated assault, but the charges were dropped along with the charges against his alleged prostitute victim, who was also charged with committing aggravated assault against Shlomi, as reported by The Smoking Gun.

    In our last report on this topic, we predicted that Shlomi's career was essentially over since consumers would not buy from someone with a history of aggravated assault against a prostitute he hired, thus the companies he works for will therefore surely drop him as their pitchman. Soon after, we receive information that ABC aired a report on April 4, 2009 which stated that Sham Wow was sticking with Shlomi as their pitchman, which to us made no sense. Boycott Watch investigated the Sham Wow company and discovered why Shlomi was not being dropped - it's Shlomi's own company! Yes, Shlomi has no reason to fire himself. This not only speaks volumes about Shlomi and his products, but sloppy reporting by a major network as well.

    The following is the registration information for, demonstrating Vince Shlomi as the owner of the product name and company. In essence, the owner of the domain (dot-com) name is the owner of the rights to the company name. Note the hidden address, which he also hides for his other company websites and general company contact information. Vince apparently likes to be secretive.

Square One Entertainment Inc.
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA. 20172-0447

Domain Name: SHAMWOW.COM
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Shlomi, Vince Offer Email Masking
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA 20172-0447

    The registration for indicates it is owned by Square One Entertainment Inc. with Vince Offer as the administrative contact, or the person in charge. Yes, Vince Offer Shlomi is not just the pitchman for Sham Wow, but he is apparently the product owner as well, including the marketing company, as evidenced by the fact that going to loads the Sham Wow website and infomercial.

    Sham Wow's website lists the company contact's email address as "Ronny" at Square One Entertainment Inc. We attempted to contact Ronny, but he did not return our call. We are not surprised that we did not get a call back since we have already busted their infomercial for what we see as clear deceptive advertising.

    The name Square One Entertainment is interesting in its relationship to Vince Shlomi. According to, Square One Entertainment Inc. was the distributor of Shlomi's failed 1999 "The Underground Comedy Movie" which was far from a box office hit. IDMB also lists Shlomi as the writer, director, star and editor of the movie. IMDB also links to a story at regarding Anna Nicole Smith backing out of being in that movie because it would be "detrimental to her career." The backing out appears to have been a good choice.

    It is clear that the networks which contacted Sham Wow regarding Vince's future with that company did not bother to basic fact checking which would have revealed that Vince Shlomi has no reason to fire himself. We at Boycott Watch call that sloppy reporting.

    Additionally, we want to note that in our video, Shlomi claimed that Sham Wow picked up "twenty times its weight in liquid" and later versions of the infomercial state twelve times, thus they made an audio dub but did not retract the deceptive cola claim. Boycott Watch also believes consumers have the right to know who they are purchasing from. Unfortunately, there is no company contact information on the Sham Wow site, nor the related site, nor for Square One Entertainment.

    Boycott Watch believes it is time for Vince Offer and his company to come clean and answer questions. In the mean time, people should think twice about buying any product from a pitchman who uses deceptive advertising techniques, hires prostitutes and then punches the woman in the face.

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