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March 30, 2009
Sham-Wow/Slap-Chop Infomercial Pitchman -
Career Over After Arrest for Aggravated Battery
Summary: If you want to be famous, avoid prostitutes, and not just if you want to be a Governor.
    Vince Shlomi, a.k.a. Vincent Offer Schlomi, a.k.a. Vince Offer, was a failed comedian whose comedy career did not get past his 1999 "The Underground Comedy Movie" (See IMDB), became a TV pitchman competing with Billy Mays, owner of Mays Promotions, Inc., based in Odessa, Florida.

    Shlomi is best known for his two-minute Sham-Wow TV infomercial which was first busted by Boycott Watch for deceptive advertising - See our video on YouTube. In a scene in which Shlomi spills coke on a carpet for a demonstration, Boycott Watch exposed the fact that Shlomi switched scenes before the cleanup, thus making the cleanup demonstration possible - a television advertising bait and switch. The Boycott Watch video exposing the bait and switch is a hit on the Internet, one that has garnered many comments, most of which insult the host, some of which are anti-Semitic.

    Since that time, Shlomi also produced and starred in a commercial for "slap-Chop," a product concept which has been around for many years. Slap Chop is a small hand-operated food processor similar to products sold by companies such as Ronco. The new commercial, however, is replete with sexual innuendo, including comments such as "you'll love my nuts," "You're going to have an exciting life now," a bikini reference and "just bang it." Boycott Watch had considered making a video exposing this, but refrained from making such a video because we did not want to be seen as having an agenda against Shlomi. We also did not test the product, but question its functionality considering the deception we saw in his Sham-Wow infomercial.

    On March 27, 2009, The Huffington Post and The Smoking Gun both reported that Shlomi was arrested for aggravated battery in a South Beach, Florida hotel. Shlomi was allegedly bit in the tongue by an alleged prostitute and he allegedly punched her. The alleged hooker was also charged with aggravated battery.

    "It's awfully difficult to be taken seriously as the spokesman for home products when you are either found to be with a prostitute, or charged with aggravated assault - Shlomi was charged with both, and that may very well end this career" said Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch. "Consumers will buy from infomercials, but only from people they trust. The Billy Mays phenomena is a great example of this - Mays was a virtual unknown, but his warm style created trust with his costumers, this people continue to buy products Mays' pitches. Shlomi, on the other hand, has used deceptive ad tactics and now destroyed his own credibility - he may as well pull his commercials because people won't buy from a man consumers can't trust."

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