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January 27, 2009
CNBC Infomercial of the Year: Sham Wow - Report Shows Boycott Watch Video.
Summary: Report links to Boycott Watch video, but should have given direct credit. Still, CNBC gets credit for exposing the scam. Also, note the anti-Semitic comments by Youtube viewers.
    CNBC viewers voted the "Sham Wow" infomercial as their favorite infomercial, which to us proves the gullibility of consumers. In response to the "Sham Wow" infomercial, Boycott Watch produced our own video, posted to YouTube, showing how the infomercial used scene swaps to make their product to appear to be working, which to us makes it a scam.

    "Any product that really works simply does not need scene swaps for legitimate marketing" Said Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch.

    In the CNBC report, there is a link to the video produced by Fred Taub, president of Boycott Watch, which clearly demonstrated what we saw as scam advertising - The host swapped scenes in the cola spill test.

    The CNBC did not directly mention or link to Boycott Watch, which we believe would have been proper, but we do appreciate the link to the video which clearly identifies Boycott Watch.

    Speaking of the YouTube video, Notice all the vulgar anti-Semitic comments. We could have deleted them, but is demonstrates the level of hate in the world.

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