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October 24, 2008
Boycott Watch Exclusive - Must Cite and Credit Boycott Watch
Sham Wow Exposed, and it is a Sham!
Summary: Infomercial editing is over the top - Boycott Watch exposes the truth!
    You have probably seen the two-minute television infomercial for Sham-Wow, the towel with amazing properties. Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch closely examined the infomercial for this product, and saw a problem - the cola test appears to be use two different spills to sell the product, one to show the extent of the spill, and one to actually be cleaned up.

    Boycott Watch has made our own video where we ask consumers to look closely at the infomercial and decide for yourself what the truth is. We will be forwarding our findings to the appropriate legal authorities and media outlets.

    See the video and decide for yourself at:

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