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July 7, 2008
Beijing Olympics Boycott Kaput
Summary: Strong Olympic TV ratings will be good for the U.S. economy, but the Olympics will still be used as a political tool.
    The movement to get international leaders to boycott the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China is essentially over, signaling the probable failure of the entire Olympics boycott movement.

    Last week, President Bush announced he will be going to the opening ceremony for the Olympics, and the next day, French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced he too would attend the ceremony. While some world leaders will not attend, such as the leaders of Poland and Estonia, their absence will not have much of a political impact.

    Previously, Boycott Watch reported how the boycott of the Beijing Olympics was a failure before it launched ( and how the U.S. could not afford to boycott the Olympics ( The fact is that no matter how much Americans may hate China, our economies are so intertwined these days that we simply can not afford such a boycott, especially considering the investments businesses made and paid for months ago in the form of sponsorships. These companies need to have a strong return on their advertising investment in the form of increased sales.

    The big winner in the Olympics may be the U.S. economy. A strong return on investments in the Olympics, which will be held in early August, may result in an upturn in the U.S. economy. If that happens, the Republicans will surely benefit in the November elections, and both Republicans and Democrats know it. By just attending the Olympics, President Bush will increase the ratings for the opening ceremony, thus the rest of the Olympics, and that will result in a larger number of people seeing the advertising of sponsors, this resulting in increased sales for sponsors.

    Additionally, the more people plan to watch the Olympics, the more beer and snack sales will go up, as well as demand for large screen TV's, DVR's, and stereo systems to make the viewing the Olympics more pleasurable . Then there are the secondary products to go with these party sales, such as team merchandising, and even extra garbage bags to accommodate the trash from the extra junk food purchased for ones self and perhaps guests.

    The Olympics may be the boost the economy needs, and President Bush realizes that a stronger economy will also help McCain in November. As such, Democrats will press President Bush not to go to China as they have in the past. Sadly, the U.S. economy will be used as a pawn in Presidential politics in a time where all Americans should be rooting for our great nation to have record a breaking medal winning year. Building the U.S. economy is in everyone's interest, regardless of politics.

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