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May 25, 2008
IAEA Responds to Boycott Watch Report
Summary: Boycott Watch was right, again!
    In a recent report, Boycott Watch stated the 2008 Beijing Olympics may be deadly for the spectators in China, and how the recent earthquakes in China have demonstrated how China is not prepared for natural disasters or terrorism. A new press release by the International Atomic Energy Agency directly addresses the issues Boycott Watch was first to point out. In fact, according to a confidential source, the IAEA, which revealed they have been working with China for the past 18 months, only publicly disclosed their work after criticism and concerns pointed out by Boycott Watch.

    As stated in several Boycott Watch reports regarding the Beijing Olympics, China is worried about its image, especially with what it calls its "coming out party." The Boycott Watch report questioned the overall safety of the Olympic venues on May 19, 2008 and the Boycott Watch report was quickly picked up by several prominent blogs, including Chron-Watch ( by May 23, 2008. Later that same day, the IAEA press release was issued in direct response to the article by Fred Taub, the President of Boycott Watch. Additionally, the IAEA had no reason to reveal it was working with China emergency planning other than to respond to the Boycott Watch report, further proving the IAEA press release was in direct response to the article by Fred Taub.

    Boycott Watch questioned many safety factors at the Beijing Olympics, including food safety, with credit to articles in The Wall Street Journal regarding how a large number of farms exist in the shadows of factories which spew out dangerous chemicals, as well as the fact that since China exports children's toys with high levels of lead to the US. As such, we should not trust the safety of any food or other products from or especially in China either.

    One of Boycott Watch's prime questions was health safety and China's inability to respond to mass emergencies, especially in light of the recent earthquakes in China where they simply did not have the equipment needed for a proper rescue, a topic which was covered in the IAEA report. The IAEA revealed it was working on such planning; something that is normally outside the IAEA's area of expertise, but the IAEA is apparently taking responsibility for such planning for the United Nations, which is ironic considering the deplorable condition of its office tower in New York City. The only concerns of Boycott Watch which were not covered by the IAEA press release are lead and other chemical contaminants in food, and building codes, both of which are strictly domestic issues this outside of any IAEA jurisdiction, further proving the IAEA only issued its press release in response to the Boycott Watch report.

    Even with the IAEA working with China for the past 18 months, China's response to the devastation caused by the recent earthquakes there is inadequate at best. The IAEA has also failed in its mission preventing nuclear proliferation and IAEA Director General Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has been severely criticized for his actions and statements regarding the Middle East. While Boycott Watch is avoiding politics in this report, Dr. ElBaradei does not give us confidence. If China's response to the earthquakes with the help of the IAEA is any indication of what the world can expect if China is the target of nuclear dispersion / dirty bombs, Olympic tourists are in grave danger.

    The IAEA press release did not address the engineering concerns, emergency exits and corner cutting in the venues, a vital concern in the event of any emergency. While Boycott Watch is once again at the forefront of critical issues, Fred Taub said "it is fascinating that the IAEA felt compelled to address the concerns of Boycott Watch, but there are still too many open questions about safety, especially the building construction, the ability of people to safely exit in the event of an emergency, and most importantly, China's ability to provide adequate medical treatment. As a former Emergency Medical Technician who has trained for and has been on the scene of many emergencies, I know what we can do in the US but I doubt China is anywhere near the level of preparedness of the US."


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