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August 1, 2007

New Email Campaign to Shut Down JewWatch Is Only Boosting It.
Summary: The best way to get sites you hate out of search engines is simply not to visit or advertise to friends it via emails.
    In April of 2004, Boycott Watch wrote a report about complaints people had about the clearly anti-Semitic "Jew Watch" website and the call to boycott Google for listing that site in their search engine.

   At the time, we posted with Google's response. Our report helped kill the angry responses to that site, in which people were complaining to Google. In fact, the Boycott Watch report on the topic was quoted in a few articles and in several blogs.

   A new email is circulating with the same claims. Apparently, people forgot to ignore the site after three years. Since our original report, however, the way search engines gather information and rank sites has changed a little, resulting in the fact that the more people are visiting that site and linking to it to tell people to complain about it, the higher that site is being ranked on search engines - in essence, the emails to block the site are becoming the antithesis of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

   The fact is that Google should not be boycotted because they are not promoting the "Jew Watch" website, so the petitions are based on an erroneous premise. Search engines simply examine which sites people visit, and report it, regardless of content. The more a site is visited, the higher it will be ranked. Removing a site from a search engine will only result in the automatic software finding and self-reinserting it again. There is no giant a room of editors who put sites in search engines or even remove them - it is done automatically by computers.

   Boycott Watch therefore recommends not boycotting Google or signing petitions because Google, or any other search engine for that matter, all work the same and did not do anything inherently wrong. If you want to get the "Jew Watch" website off the search engines, the best thing to do is not forward those emails around and especially not visit the site. In this case, people's curiosity is only exasperating the object of their disgust. If nobody cares about the site, then the search engines won't care either, and the site will not be found.

EDITORS NOTE: Please Do NOT Pass That Email Along!

- - - - Original Email - - - -

Subject: Help remove jewwatch from google's search engine - please and pass on

When you Google the word "Jew", one of the first websites that pops up is www jewwatch (editied) --an anti-semitic, hate-filled harangue masquerating as "scholarly, factual, informational"

Add your name to the petition to remove www jewwatch (editied) from Google's search engine. (Check out the site and you will understand why.) In order for Google to remove this, they would need a petition of over 50,000 requests....

Go to: (editied as not to give the site credibility) to sign the petition.

VERY IMPORTANT !! Please pass this one on!


- - - - End Of Original Email - - - -

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