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May 6, 2009 Swindle
Summary: If you want to harm your own business by getting rid of your customers, treat them badly and they will gladly hire your competition.
    If you are considering signing up for fax service from, don't. Boycott Watch has used that service and found the company to be dishonest with billing, the company processed unauthorized charges, did not live up properly apply credits to accounts, and their customer service is appalling at best.

    We at Boycott Watch signed up for the efax service and within a several months, we were informed of a rate increase of about 50%. Not long after, and when the one year renewal came up, we were billed without any advance notification, something we believe everyone deserves before a credit card is charged. After a one hour call to the so-called customer service department, most of which was spent on hold and speaking to people in foreign countries who had no power to actually help anyone, we were finally transferred to someone in the U.S. who promised a 4 month service credit to be applied before the next renewal.

    Before that renewal was processed, we had received noticed about the credit being applied, yet before that credit was actually used; we received, once again, credit card billing for the year's renewal, once again without notification despite a promise for that before any such billing was made. After another 40 minute adventure on hold and speaking to oversees people who are essentially powerless, Boycott Watch ended up having to cancel the charges, thus cancelling the efax service, all without receiving using the $67.80 credit for service promised to us.

    Boycott Watch canceled our efax service because of a complete lack of customer service, and efax going back on their promises which included advanced notification of billing and an actual credit for service. In the end, efax made a rates bait and switch, offered a credit for service which they did not uphold, and then did not live up to their promise of notification before billing as promised. Additionally, their customer service did not improve even after complaints.

    Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch said "Businesses which make promises to their customers, especially when repairing customer service issues, have the responsibility of living up to those promises. The fastest way for a business to lose customers is no not take care of them. This becomes especially true in an era with companies which supply legacy services such as faxing. Fax machines have been around for a long time and only became standard business equipment in the mid 1980's. Today, when fax machines are rarely used, so facilitating the loss of a customer will only hasten the inevitable demise of such companies - bad service does not exist in a bubble - it is a sign of the overall lack of interest by a business in its own longevity. Without good customer service, there will be no customers to serve."

    Taub wants Boycott Watch readers to know that while this report centers around the efax case, it is really a lesson to all businesses that you can make a customer service mistake, but when those mistakes compound without action to resolve issues, businesses will lose customers. Taub continued: "This level of bad customer service always indicates bad service to other customers as well. In our line of work, we call these de Facto boycotts because although these types of actions are not organized, the businesses own customers are refusing to do business with them and therefore the consumer will shop elsewhere. Bad customer service always results in a loss of customers to service."

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