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Thanksgiving Day - Thursday, November 27, 2008
Aruba Fears Boycott Watch
Summary:Aruba's Spring Break tourism is in jeopardy - Boycott Watch issues a challenge to Aruba
    Thursday, November 20, 2008, Greta Van Susteren of Fox News announced that she will air an interview with Joran Van Der Sloot Monday November 24th, the content of which she offered to reveal to Hans Mos, the Prosecutor in Aruba, in advance. Mos, however, immediately reacted by saying there is no new evidence, showing complete disinterest in any possible confession or revelation in the case of Natelee Holloway, who went missing more than two years ago.

    On her show, Greta asked why Mos was not interested in any possible new evidence, which is a good question. In response, Boycott Watch President Fred Taub sent a memo to Greta reminding her that every time the Natalee Holloway disappearance case is in the news, Aruba's economy is hit hard, the subject of which Fred Taub appeared on Your World with Neil Cavuto, also on the Fox News Channel, three times (See: here, here and here ).

    In our reports and in interviews on the Fox news Channel, Boycott Watch exposed how Aruba lied on their tourism numbers, claiming at first that tourism was up because, as they claimed, "everyone now knows about Aruba" when in fact, both the Central Bank of Aruba and Caribbean tourism numbers both indicated a sharp drop in tourism and revenue. Aruba first denied our reports, but later admitted Boycott Watch was right all along.

    At one point, Boycott Watch was contact via email by someone who claimed to be a taxi driver in Aruba, but the information he had revealed that he was actually an Aruban tourism official. The so called taxi driver first reported, unsolicited, that Aruba tourism was unhurt and that he was as busy as ever. When he later got into more detail, I asked if he worked for the tourism ministry, and that was the last I heard from him.

    Later, Aruba responded to every point made by Fred Taub while on Your World with Neil Cavuto on the Fox News Channel. The fact is, Aruba pays close attention to the boycott inspired by the disappearance of Natallee Holloway, and especially what Boycott Watch reports in this case. The reaction of Hans Mos immediately dismissing Greta's report before he even knew the content of the interview, and the facial expression of Hans Mos said it all - Aruba wants to keep the Natalee Holloway case out of the news. Period. End of story.

    Aruba is sure to be unhappy reading this report, especially where we predict the result of the current news, and they will read it. Aruba fears the reports of Boycott Watch because we reveal the truth that Hans Mos gave away once again - Aruba does not want this case in the news, and they certainly do not want Boycott Watch revealing their cover-up, and especially when we report about the incompetence of their law enforcement system, as typified when we wrote about how Aruba left a thirty foot ladder in their jail recently, allowing double murderer to easily escape.

Aruba does not want you to know the following:

    This year, the tourism packages to Aruba have already been sold, and were sold long before the collapse of the housing market, so the people who purchased vacations to Aruba will still go this winter. However, some people will be spending less money while in Aruba because of general economic fears, something Aruba can not afford. The main people to be affected in Aruba are the taxi drivers, restaurant owners and their employees. People looking for Carlos & Charlie's, the bar Natelee Holloway was last seen in, will have a difficult time, as the owners changed the name to Senior Frog's because the bar developed a bad reputation world-wide. There were some cosmetic changes, but it is still essentially the same club. The local "pimps," the young men who look to pick up single American teenagers and college students to have a night of fun with zero responsibility, are reportedly still on the prowl, thus still leaving American students in danger.

    Aruba's big fear now is Spring Break sales, and this is the season for selling those packages. If this case remains in the news, Aruba will be hurt in one of its two most important tourism seasons. Meanwhile, Joran Van Der Sloot's father's home was heavily vandalized after the first confession, because Arubans were unhappy about why they lost money. The new report on Fox reveals that Van Der Sloot's father knew about what Joran claimed and may have been involved in a cover-up despite being a sworn officer of the court, thus is now an accomplice after the fact.

    The reaction of Hans Mos to Greta van Susteren said it all. Aruba fears losing Spring Break vacation sales if the story remains in the news and Boycott Watch will be monitoring Aruba closely.

    Challenge to Aruba: We all know you read these reports. I openly challenge you meet me in person, with government and central bank officials, to answer questions consumers have regarding safety of tourists in Aruba. Let us watch your police department and courts in action. Let us see how you handle public safety. You claim Aruba is safe - we say contact us and prove it.

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