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March 12, 2010
Federal Diving School - Tax Waste or Fraud?
Summary: Want to know why the deficit is so high? Government employees do not care about your money.

Federal Official Business Only Car with Student Driver tags     Thursday, March 11, 2009 at about 10:20 AM, this vehicle was spotted driving through various Cleveland suburbs being used to give a driving lesson. The vehicle has an official-use only federal license plate, the front seat passenger had a driving instructor mirror, and there was a passenger in the back of the car. Boycott Watch asks: Since when is the federal government working to replace independent driving schools or similar lessons being taught in local public schools? Is this taxpayer abuse or was the car possibly being improperly used by the person it was assigned to? Why was there a passenger in the car? Is that car also being used to give people rides? As citizens, we have the right to know.

    Boycott Watch called the offices of various Congressmen, including a Senator and members of the House Transportation Committee, but nobody was aware of any such program. We then called the Department of Transportation and received the two following responses via email:

   "Your request was forwarded to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. I'm sorry there are no Federal programs offering driver education for people to operate standard four-wheel consumer passenger vehicles." And "I forgot to mention but to you may want to go to the teen driver section on the website. There is a driver education section there."

   We checked the website and called NHTSA for more information about the NHTSA Youth Traffic Safety Team and were told that HTTSA established guidelines for public and driving schools, but does not actually conduct its own driving school. In a separate conversation, we were also told that the military may teach its personnel to drive, but that would probably occur in vehicles labeled as military and near regular bases, not areas like Cleveland which only has a few reservist stations.

    After very thorough checking, Boycott Watch believes this is a case of misuse of federal government property by using a vehicle designated for "official use only" to teach basic driving, a program not offered by the federal government. Furthermore, this 2009 Dodge Avenger had a base price of about $25,000. It is not a basic car intended for usage to teach people how to drive.

    If you want to know why the U.S. national debt is outrageous, here is a prime example. Your tax dollars are being used to:
  • Pay for people to conduct driving lessons
  • Pay for vehicles, maintenance and gasoline for private driving lessons
  • High-end vehicles are being used to teach new drivers, causing excessive and expensive wear to this vehicle
  • Federal property is being placed in position to have accidents which the taxpayers will be forces to pay to repair
  • Any potential accident by the student driver may result in millions of dollars of liability on behalf of the American taxpayer.
    The list goes on. There is no reason the United States government should be flipping the bill for anyone's basic driving education. That is the job of local school districts and independent businesses. Your tax dollars are not only being wasted, they are being thrown on the street, flaunting that fact in front of our eyes.

   Boycott Watch is currently investigating which agency is misusing the American trust and money. Someone in the federal government needs to be fired and we want names.

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