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June 3, 2008
General Electric Boycott for selling to Iran - Is it true?
Summary: Boycott Watch is pressing GE for the facts
    For the past several months, Fox News's Bill O'Reilly has been reporting that General Electric has been doing business with Iran, specifically with power generating systems. The issue at hand is that it is illegal for U.S. business to do business with Iran.

    O'Reilly is known for being both accurate and hard hitting. Despite clearly being partisan in his American politics, he prefers to claim neutrality. More so, when O'Reilly gets passionate about a topic, he often calls for a boycott, sometimes just de facto because he avoids the word boycott, but his viewers will still interpret it as a boycott call regardless.

    In his reports on the topic, a reporter for the O'Reilly Factor approached Mr. Jeffrey R. Immelt, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of GE at a dinner event. Granted, a dinner event is not the proper venue to get a comment, especially on camera, so the news crew undoubtedly expected to be thrown out, which they were. It is, however, an indication of how far the media has to go to get a comment from Mr. Immelt on this topic as he has remained silent, despite the fact that he should be open to answering questions to the public and consumers.

    GE is a publicly held U.S. company, and is therefore has an inherent obligation to be open to the public. The company simply can not operate in a vacuum. Additionally, their silence in this matter is alarming. If these allegations are false, Mr. Immelt and his public relations people should simply come out and say it. The fact that GE is being silent is an indication that there is some truth to the story, and that GE is worried about the fallout from any statement, once the truth comes out.

    In the mean time, Boycott Watch has started a day count, posted at, for the number of days GE remains silent on this important issue and question. We will report more information as it becomes available.

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